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Nonprofit Donates Home Without Mortgage To A Kentucky National Guard Officer



CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Thanks to a local non-profit organization, a veteran who proudly served our country now has a new place to call his home.

Volunteers with “Barracks Project»Started their efforts in 2019. For over two years, they worked together to completely renovate the Silver Grove home, including replacing the roof, remodeling the walls, and installing new plumbing and wiring.

The non-profit organization supports the military in a variety of ways, from sending aid packages to creating large-scale projects.

“Usually, on a monthly basis, we really see a huge surge in financial assistance they need to rent electricity,” said Amanda Dawson, vice president of The Barracks Project. “We’ve seen a lot of problems with cars where we can help them get their cars repaired so they can get to and from work, so our goal is not only to help them get better by the time we’re done helping them, but to I didn’t have to find myself in the same situation again. “

In a special ceremony on Sunday, the organization announced that the finished home would be donated to the sergeant. Jacob Johnson and his family. Johnson is currently part of the Kentucky National Guard and has spent seven years in active service.

Sergeant. Johnson and his family will live in the mortgage home for free. The application process was open to anyone who was part of the service, so Johnson said the discovery of the house was a complete surprise to him.

“I tried to do my best because they said there were four recipients that we found out about later, it was only one, and it was us, trying our best to try and win the house in first place,” he said. “Shocked, very shocked, didn’t know what to say except ‘thank you’. It was a great honor for me just to be able to do it. “

If the Johnsons leave home, The Barracks Project will pick him up and prepare him for handing over to another veteran.

“Without veterinarians, we are nothing, and just helping them is great. Anything we can do to help them, ”said Jim Knasel, Chairman of Special Projects.

Dawson said they renovated the house in honor of Knazel and his father. The couple spent countless weeks working together on the house until Knazel’s father fell ill.

Knasel said he is grateful to him and his father for the opportunity to participate in this project.

To learn more about the nonprofit organization, visit Project “Barracks” website

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