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News: To enable non-profit organizations led and serving communities of color to have access to capital, the Colorado Hispanic Community Foundation established the Colorado Community Loan Fund.

It is launching with an initial investment of $ 3 million, managed by the Colorado Hispanic Community Foundation, backed by the Colorado Health Foundation, the Colorado Housing and Finance Administration, and The Colorado Trust.

“In response to decades of undercapitalization and chronic financial instability for many organizations serving communities of color, the Colorado Community Loan Fund will provide a much needed boost,” said Carlos Martinez, president and CEO of the fund. “This unprecedented access to capital at low or no interest rates ensures that all Colorado nonprofits serving and led by communities of color can invest in capital projects, infrastructure, internal capacity building and more. Our vital grassroots organizations will now have the means to build stability and create bold and strong visions for the future. ”

To qualify for a loan, non-profit organizations must meet criteria that include:

· Based in Colorado, although out-of-state organizations with local branches are eligible for a loan if the loan is to support local work;

· Have worked as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization for at least three years;

· Having an operating budget of at least US $ 50,000;

· Work in social services, workforce development, education, health care, early childhood education, environment, food justice, arts and culture.

A webinar for potential candidates will be held at noon on August 30th. For registration or for more information contact

About the organization: Colorado Hispanic Community Foundation was founded over 10 years ago by the Rose Community Foundation. It became independent 501 (c) (3) in 2019. By 2020, the Colorado Hispanic Community Foundation has invested nearly $ 6 million in communities across the state, laying the foundation for building strong Latino-led organizations and nurturing leaders.

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