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LOUISVILLE, KY – Brianna Day spent the first chapter of her career managing condominiums and single family homes.

“After a while, I thought you know what, I’ll get a real estate license,” Day said.

What do you need to know

  • Noir Black Chamber of Commerce and Noir Realty are sponsoring three scholarships for real estate training, courses and exams.
  • This is an opportunity for Louisville blacks earning less than $ 25,000 a year.
  • The program covered is a 96 hour course.
  • The scholarship committee will be looking for someone who is interested in long-term property acquisitions.

The goal of making a career for yourself and your newborn child was easy, but it was more difficult to achieve.

“I thought no one told me about it. I mean, you watch HGTV, it looks so simple, you are like, “I’ll just go to school and get my license, take my little piece of paper and it will work out.” No, it doesn’t work like that, there are a lot of commissions and everything related to the work of a real estate agent, ”Day said.

To her surprise, Day had to pay hundreds of dollars to cover the costs of tuition, courses and exams, while balancing the life of a single mother.

“I really struggled, and especially, as a mom, tried to figure things out on my own, but Tamika and the rest of the Noir Realty staff helped me along the way with money, workshops and classes,” she said.

Tamika Jackson is the owner of Noir Realty, where Day works as a real estate agent.

Jackson and her team help others willing to work in the field, but struggle to cover the costs of the process.

The Noir Black Chamber of Commerce scholarship for the real estate industry will cover the labor and training costs of three Louisville blacks earning less than $ 25,000 a year to remove a financial barrier to a career that Jackson says provides long-term stability.

“I think it is life-changing,” Jackson said. “It is very profitable to pursue a career in real estate because you have so many different opportunities, so there are many opportunities to find different ways to generate income from real estate.”

Day said her story is proof that a career in real estate can be life-changing.

“Real estate, I can honestly say, is probably one of the things that saved my life. I’ve been through a bunch of recent family departures and stuff like that, but between my daughter and real estate, it’s something that supported me and also gave me a lot of confidence that I didn’t know what I had, ”Day said.

She wants others to stay true to their dreams, no matter what obstacles they face.

“Do not give up. Don’t worry about this. Always do your research and find out that there are always ways to get the funds you need, ”Day said.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship is August 1st, and the recipients will be announced next week. Those interested in the scholarship can apply online.


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