NMHC President to Extend CDC Eviction Moratorium



“In the wake of recent efforts to comply with NMHC industry guidelines, the renewal announcement has been complemented by a number of eviction mitigation measures aimed at ensuring a stable tenant residence,” he said. “NMHC looks forward to working with policymakers to implement effective solutions for both tenants and home providers.”

NMHC has pledged it will continue to advocate for the timely disbursement of $ 46 billion ERAP.

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“It is important to note that we will work to make eviction mitigation measures practical and economically viable, while ensuring that rental assistance funds continue to go towards direct payments to those in need. And while this move from firm moratoriums is a step in the right direction in terms of ensuring the long-term health of the apartment industry and our tenants, NMHC’s outreach work is not yet complete, ”Bibby said.


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