Nia DaCosta talks about Captain Marvel 2 and her student loan



Nia DaCosta onstage during a Q&A following the Los Angeles premiere of The Pink Carpet. "Little woods"

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A few months after Nia DaCosta officially signed to forward new Candymanwhich became first film directed by a black woman before the premiere at the top of the box office – the director accidentally bumped into New York Times columnist and illustrator Julia Rothman, who randomly polled people on the street about their relationship to duty.

While those unfamiliar with DaCosta’s earlier work love Little woods She may not have recognized her name at the time, but what she said about her $ 100,000 student loan debt resonated with many who might endure the constant stress of having to pay back so much money (plus interest). In 2019, DaCosta reasoned that in order to get rid of such stress, she needed to get a huge amount of Avengers-level directorial work, which would allow her to “pay for everything in one fell swoop.”

Then, in 2020, news emerged that DaCosta was determined to direct Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel continuation Wonders

Like any famous celebrity with common sense who suddenly found itself in the spotlight, DaCosta quietly left social media shortly thereafter. Wonders the news began to spread and most of the rumors about her since she focused on Candymanbox office receipts. But during a recent appearance on Audioboom Form the DaCosta podcast talked a little about how Wonders changed her life, and she explained how, even though she had to work on the film, the project did not magically remove the financial burden she spoke of in The Times.

“I was like, I will only pay them off if I get a Marvel movie, and now that I have one, I’m like ‘Jesus, I’m still not going to [be able to] pay them everything, ”said DaCosta. “Everyone thinks I literally paid them off like I got the job, and that’s not how you get paid through [Directors Guild of America]… “

DaCosta’s comments come at a time when more and more representatives of the film industry –actors in particular– talk about how much they are paid or underpaid, how part of a wider conversation about fair pay in the industry… Each director and actor has a unique studio situation, but in the past Marvel was wide reported adhere to a multi-tiered structure in which the size of employee checks is determined by many factors, love their stellar power and centrality to their franchises. The earnings of the actors and directors in the background were tied to the financial success of their projects, which means the more money the movie likes. Wonders does at the box office, especially DaCosta and stars Brie Larson, Teiona Parris, and Iman Vellani will receive money after the release of the film.

To this end, DaCosta also expressed its willingness (this Blank Check episode was recorded some time ago) to finally dive into Wonders‘ production. “To be honest, I’ve been preparing for 10 months, and we just need to start filming,” said DaCosta. “There isn’t much that you can prepare for a movie, even one as big as this one, and I just say, ‘Let’s go.’ Let’s do it.'”

Candyman in theaters now, and Wonders will hit theaters on November 11, 2022.

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