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The Sheridan Foundation has donated $ 1 million to the Dosey Initiatives NewTown Macon Foundation.
Dr. Anisa Jones
Dr. Anisa Jones and her husband Dion Aiken stand in front of a house they purchased with NewTown Loans.

MACON, GA (41NBC / WMGT) – NewTown Macon created NewTown Loans with a $ 1 million commitment from the Sheridan Foundation. NewTown says it will not only help provide financing to local entrepreneurs, but also provide them with support that they may not get from a regular bank. Dr. Anisa Jones and her husband Dion Aiken are the first recipients of NewTown loans and say they are honored to make their dream come true.

Dr. Anisa Jones is a Chiropractor, Board Member of NewTown Loans, and represents the First District of the Macon Waters Authority.

She grew up in Macon and went to the city center as a girl. She wanted to own real estate in the city center, but she considered it a distant dream. Dr. Jones was spending time in Atlanta when she saw a NewTown Macon ad and decided to come to their Developer Academy. She decided it made sense to own a property, and thanks to the NewTown Loans, the dream of owning a downtown property became a reality.

“We are very pleased with this project,” said Dr. Jones. “We are delighted to be the face of what will happen in the future in downtown Macon and Macon in general.”

Dr. Jones is NewTown Loans’ first borrower. She bought two facades on Cherry Street in downtown. The doctor’s office will be located at the entrance to one of the stores and will offer rehabilitation and spa services. The other facade will house a boutique. Then she will have her own house upstairs.

“We can do what you do at the residence,” said Dr. Jones. “Take friends, families out of town and introduce them to Macon and Central Georgia.”

Josh Rogers is President and CEO of NewTown Macon.

He says NewTown Loans is the first community development financial institution in Mid Georgia. People can come to NewTown with their business ideas, get support in creating a business plan, and then get paid to implement their idea. Rogers says he is proud to have Dr. Jones on the program, but he knows there are many stories like her.

“When we talk to someone as capable as Dr. Jones, who has a really vivid and compelling dream of how he can change the community and his life, we will try to make that happen. So hopefully this is the first of many gifts and I hope we never have to turn down anyone because we don’t have the resources, ”Rogers said.

Dr. Jones hopes that in a year or two, more business owners will take advantage of the NewTown loan.

“I want people to know that the New City is available to them, not this elusive exclusive club. They can come here and get these resources if they invest and get the job done, ”said Dr. Jones.

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