Newport County Real Estate Transactions: July 20



Each week, the Newport Daily News presents real estate deals. Information provided by The Warren Group and is publicly available.


• 107 Steamboat St, $ 349,000, acquirer: Kenshaw Capital LLC, seller: Andrew D. Hamilton

Little Compton

• 41 Big Drum Rd, $ 950,000, Buyer: Paul W. Kennedy and Rebecca K. Kennedy, Seller: A&M Jones IRT and Laura G. Handwerger Tr.

• 35 Indian Rd, $ 450,000, buyer: Cincinnati Cap 456 LLC, seller: George S. Statas and Carol A. Keenas.

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• 34 Pachet Brook Rd, $ 650,000, Buyer: Nancy E. Gordon and Richard Rogers, Seller: Deborah E. Davis

• 18 Sakonnet Trl, $ 580,000, Buyer: Sean A. Solomito and Christy L. Solomito, Seller: Allan M. Dennis and Kara L. Dennis.


• 4 Acacia Dr, US $ 605,000, Buyer: James Hamilton and Lucille Hamilton, Seller: Jacob J. Silva and Kelly L. Harikiopoilos

• 5 Barton Ln, $ 550,000, Buyer: Stephen W. Dukes, Seller: Paul R. Simon and Carol A. Shabo

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• 41 Indian Ter, US $ 950,000, Buyer: George Garcia and Andre Watts, Seller: Stacy M. Pecora

• 197 Purgatory Rd, $ 750,000, acquirer: Sunset LLC, seller: 197 Purgatory Road LLC.


• 11 Clinton Ave, US $ 788,000, Buyer: William F. Rommel and Nicholas B. Rommel, Seller: Juan C. Campos and Alba Corleto.

• 7 Peckham Ave, $ 665,000, Buyer: John R. Gullison, Seller: Charles F. Mermann and Lisa R. Mermann

• 30 Prospect Hill St, $ 749,000, buyer: George Mussalli and Sherine Rabbot, seller: Michael C. Tasso.

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• 402 Spring St Unit 3, $ 456,500, Buyer: Adele Palazzo, Seller: John Harvey & M Haavik LT and John J. Harvey Tr

• 485 Spring St, US $ 960,000, buyer: Catherine A. Panozzo, seller: Erica Zap.


• 16 Bancroft Dr, US $ 430,000, Buyer: Alzira C. Raposo and Maria G. Raposo, Seller: Tyler D. Hunt and Penelope B. Hunt.

• 93 Emmanuelle Dr, US $ 624,900, Buyer: John W. Lloyd and Lauren Vitello, Seller: Jason Savoie and Casey E. Savoie.

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• 9 Mount View Rd, US $ 385,500, Buyer: William M. Sanson and Jacqueline E. Sanone, Seller: Diemen Reinaldo R Est and Eliza Diemen Ex.

• 0 Patience Way, $ 365,000, Buyer: Tiffini Cheng and Holmes Wilson, Seller: Jay E. & Alice K. Clarkin & Alice K. Clarkin Tr.

• 60 Riverside Ave, $ 750,000, Buyer: Michael R. Zani and Mary K. Zani, Seller: Ringquist-Peterson FT and Timothy Peterson Tr.

• st. Sagamore, $ 25, 372,000, Buyer: Nathaniel K. Coach and Melissa M. Coach, Seller: Raxmi Pen.


• 128 Arbor Ter, $ 380,000, Buyer: William Connelly, Seller: Amaral Laudalina Est and Elizabeth Amaral

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• 22 Brayton Rd, $ 421,000, buyer: Mitchell Bradham and Nicole Bradham, seller: David L. McCormick and Amy McCormick.

• 44 Restful Valley Rd, $ 266,000, buyer: Douglas P. Fingliss, seller: Randy E. Gifford

• 286 Riverside Dr, $ 360,286, Buyer: Joseph A. Varao, Seller: Viera Barbara Est and Paula Tessier Ex.

• 71 Dr Unit 210 Starboard, US $ 600,000, Buyer: Barbara C. Haddad RET and Barbara C. Haddad Tr, Seller: Robert P. Bishop RET and Robert Bishop Tr.


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