Newbie Loan Officer Takes Millennials Approach to Personal Branding


She went on to explain that millennials “are the largest demographic and we invented social media. As a millennial, if I can’t do it from my phone, I immediately don’t feel like doing any task. I say, “Be where your customers are” – and it’s not just on the Internet anymore, it’s also social media and mobile compatibility. “

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But Burgo is not only focused on building her online presence across all social media platforms. She also works to educate her clients. Bourgault is launching a series of small educational social media materials about the home buying process that are easily accessible to people.

“There is so much to know, and people’s attention span is shorter than ever before, and this is the best way to establish those connections with future borrowers,” she said. “I believe that knowledge should be shared as freely as possible. Giving knowledge to my community is one of the most generous things I can do at this stage in my career. ”

“[My] tips for beginners, plan your business entry. Get ready for half a year without income and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. You have to be able to spend money to make money, ”added Burgo. Believing that you can do something is half the battle, and perseverance is probably the most important trait to possess, especially in this kind of business where you are constantly faced with rejection.

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