New Yorkers Face COVID Dilemma, Says Guaranteed Rate VP Tim Martin


According to him, “Big Apple” took “several years” to bounce back.

Fast forward to today and there is as yet no opinion on the long-term impact of COVID on the housing market. “We still don’t know how temporary it is. Some people who left and moved with their families left their apartment empty while still in town, intending to return. And some of them, having lived here (Connecticut) for six months, decided to buy, ”he said.

With over 19 years of home lending experience, solely focusing on closing deals in Connecticut since 2010, Martin has become the leading manufacturing operator in the Northeast region for the company.

Keeping his finger on the pulse, he said that after an initial “harsh reaction” to COVID, the focus among home buyers has now shifted to more practical considerations, in no small part driven by the need to work from home.

But working from home poses a number of problems in and of itself, Martin noted, citing the typical profile of a young couple living in a one-bedroom apartment with a minor child while working from home. “It doesn’t work, it just isn’t possible,” he said.

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