New Jersey man convicted of $ 1.3 million under “mortgage foreclosure” scheme



A South Jersey man has been convicted by federal court of over $ 3 million in IRS fraud.

A jury in the US District Court in Camden agreed that John Barry Jr. of Pemberton and his associates in New York and elsewhere had forged tax returns that helped clients pay off outstanding mortgage arrears, claiming a significant amount of taxes had already been withheld.

In exchange, Barry received a 20 to 35 percent refund and split the money with his accomplices, federal prosecutors said.

(Barry also did not file his own 2016 tax return or report his dishonest income, they said.)

When the IRS sorted out the scheme, prosecutors told Barry:

  • provided clients with fake documents to submit to the IRS;
  • instructed clients to hide his involvement from the IRS;
  • advised the client to withdraw funds from his bank account “to thwart the IRS’s collection efforts.”

Identifying himself in court documents as “a US citizen and not a United States citizen,” Barry claimed that he was “exempt from and immune to public debt, as well as, by law, non-violent criminal contempt for that debt, unless received informed voluntary consent ”.

US District Judge Robert B. Coogler set the sentence for December 1 after a jury found Barry on Friday guilty of aiding and aiding filing false tax returns, violating tax laws and failing to file his own tax return.

Lawyers for the trial, Sean M. Green and Samuel B. Bean of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division, secured a conviction following an investigation by IRS-Criminal Investigation agents.

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