New criteria for New York real estate in New York


Why is it important

What will you learn:

  • How new infrastructure and sustainability initiatives will improve the quality of CRE projects.
  • How ESG has grown to play an increasingly important role in the due diligence process as investors seek to protect their portfolios in the future.
  • Why choosing greener building materials and technologies will now pay off sooner than expected.
  • What developers and construction companies should focus on in order to attract investors and tenants to their project in any asset class.
  • Understanding of the new criteria for a successful asset in the new era of commercial real estate investment.

How will you run more business:

Understand how a change in leadership, a new infrastructure bill, and an increased focus on ESG factors are creating new benchmarks for the construction, development and operation of buildings in New York City. Engage investors in new projects by deepening your understanding of how city, state and federal laws will affect future building requirements.

Who visits: Owners, developers, investors, government officials, consultants, general contractors, architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants

Why you should visit:

With leadership changes and new considerations shaping commercial real estate investment decisions, you won’t want to miss hearing from the experts how they plan to respond to these changes and the opportunity to chat with other forward-thinking professionals at NYC CRE.

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