New contract and loan transition for Sanderson


Born in Wolverhampton, the defender has featured in Molyneux’s books since he was eight and dedicated his future to the club before heading out in search of experience.

The loan move across the West Midlands is the third of its kind for Sanderson, who previously enjoyed productive periods in Cardiff City and Sunderland.

By helping the Bluebirds advance to the 2020 championship playoffs, the 21-year-old has repeated his success in the Northeast, where fans voted him Young Player of the Year.

Sanderson’s progress on loan stems from his impressive Under-23 performances that saw him making his senior Wolves debut against Aston Villa in the 2019 Carabao Cup.

Wolves CTO Scott Sellars said: “Dion is still very young, only 21 years old, he is a highly trained home-grown center-back and we want him to have the experience to come back and develop with us.

“Ultimately, credits have real value, and this is a prime example of this if you can find the right club. We certainly thank Sunderland for giving the opportunity to Dion, who emerged from this period with great confidence and improved as a player.

“It’s about being able to play real football, there is progress to 23s, but we definitely feel that the real value for a player is the experience of playing in the first team, whether here or elsewhere.”

While at the Stadium of Light, Sanderson played 28 times and attracted attention, but now he faces a new challenge one level higher in the Championship, where he has shown great interest.

“Dion had a fantastic second half of the year at Sunderland and really progressed. We wanted him to get the loan experience and earn it as a player, which he did. Watching his performances, he really gained a lot of confidence and faith, and he attracted a lot of publicity.

“He won Sunderland Young Player of the Year, which was fantastic. We wanted him to progress to try and challenge him again. He is approaching full fitness and the opportunity to travel to Birmingham and play in the soccer championship was great for him and great for the club.

“We were very surprised that none of the championship participants replaced Dion after his performance in Cardiff. Sometimes it’s football, but he has to give him credit, he hung his head, went to Sunderland and really challenged himself, and this summer we had four or five offers from the championship for him, so we are very happy. “

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