New California Laws On Assault Rifles And Student Loans | condition



SACRAMENTO, California (AP) – These new California laws take effect Thursday when the new fiscal year begins:

– California’s ban on purchasing more than one pistol in a 30-day period applies to semi-automatic center shot rifles, including some that meet the California definition of an assault rifle.

– California will create an ombudsman to defend and deal with complaints from student loan borrowers facing predatory practices.

– The Laura Act, a 2002 measure that allows judges to require intensive outpatient mental health care, becomes permanent. To qualify, a person must have a serious mental illness and a recent history of psychiatric hospitalization, incarceration, or violent behavior.

– Portions of two laws coming into force to help homeowners who lost property in wildfires during the state of emergency, including provisions to cover living expenses.

– Three state jails for juveniles will stop accepting new receptions and will close in 2023.


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