NDDEQ Provides $ 1.8 Million Loan to Jamestown



In July, the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality provided a loan to Jamestown under the Revolving Drinking Water Program.

Jamestown received a loan of more than $ 1.8 million to replace parts of the existing distribution system where leaks and breakdowns occurred. This will allow the city to provide residents with safe water and reduce service disruptions.

The US Environmental Protection Agency provides part of the funding for the State’s Drinking Water Revolving Fund Program, which offers sub-market loans to policymakers to finance projects mandated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The government’s revolving drinking water fund programs operate across the country and provide funding to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our vital water resources.

Loans are awarded to projects included in the EPQ’s priority list based on project acceptability and solvency.

For more information, contact the North Dakota Environmental Quality Department at 701-328-5150.


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