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Following Dasgupta’s Biodiversity Economics report earlier this year and the recent IPBES / IPCC report, it is clear that climate change and biodiversity collapse Two sides of the same coin

Following the recent World Hospitality Sustainability Group on Nature offers solutions: how can hotels contribute and benefit? (, we argue that hotels are uniquely positioned to address climate and biodiversity issues through their facilities. And in the cloud of large-scale asset pooling, hotel building optimization is also a matter of transition risk. The twist here is to consider both the added value of nature in urban centers from an ecological and financial perspective, as well as the physiological and psychological well-being of residents, staff and guests. Research on this topic is unequivocal: benefits (direct and indirect) outweigh costs

The IGNITION project cited in the document is producing some valuable results in terms of natural solutions in urban settings (see:

So what does this mean? Well, it is no longer enough to create a beautiful building or space that people will like; Modern concepts of hospitality should focus on how people react to the natural environment, while addressing climate and biodiversity issues.

Quote Bill Bensley, Founder of BENSLEY: ‘The fact that the project is located in the very center of the city does not mean that it should be devoid of nature – in any case, this is another reason for its implementation!

Special thanks Dimitra Teohari, Architect and Project Manager at MeRa, Landschaftsarchitektur für Mensch und Raum for providing the drawing shown on Figure 1. Three levels of NBS implementation in a built environment: green building materials, green building systems, and green urban areas.… The original drawing can be found in the article by Perlmutter, Theochary et al, available here:

This is the second article (within Sustainable Hospitality White Paper Series ) through a collaboration between Prof. Dr. Willie Legrand and the Berkeley Capital Group. The first article is available at:

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