Natchitoches Estate Agent Janice Bolton among 2022 New Employees for Ellevate Louisiana



Metairie- Ellevate Louisiana, a 501c4 nonprofit that empowers women leaders across Louisiana, recently announced a newly elected list of Ellevate Louisiana officers and board members. The new officers include:

Chair: Willie Mount – Former Mayor of Lake Charles and Former Senator of Louisiana

Vice Chair: Pilar Blanco Eble – Director of General Gifts and External Affairs, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Treasurer: Katie Clibert is a former secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Secretary: Janice Bolton – owner of Bolton Realty

At-Large Directors include Cassie Alsfeld, Valerie Aymond, Diane Baum, Melanie Bronfin, Charmaine Cacchoppi, Monique Clarke, Donna Freisch, Valerie Grubb, Julie Schwam Harris, Anne Knapp, Sandra Lindqvist, Markie Pierre, Suzanne, Doebnhorahl , Jessica Starnes-Debetas, Monique Thierry, Tracy Thompson and Mary Patricia Rae.

There are two categories of members at Ellevate Louisiana, including supportive members and executive members, and a non-member supporter level. All of them are designed for different levels of interests. There are also corporate partnerships that provide an opportunity to expand membership to corporate employees.

Ellevate LA will also host its second annual summit December 13-14 in Lake Charles. Participants will tour Lake Charles, home to major industrial plants still recovering from Hurricanes Laura and Delta, and this year’s freeze and flood problems. The summit will also feature informative panel discussions on redistributing districts and financing preschool education.

About Ellevate Louisiana
Louisiana empowerment and elevation training. Founded in 2020, Ellevate was created for Louisiana women leaders to connect and learn about the challenges our state faces. The organization advocates for data-driven, impartial decisions to make a better future for Louisiana.

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