MyHouseDeals Introduces New Funding Portal To Facilitate Transactional Finance For Real Estate Investors



Using new financing portal it is a whole process. Home buyers simply click or tap on the Get Financing tab on the MyHouseDeals home page to get started. From there, they will answer a few quick questions regarding the deal, their goals and preferences. The investor is then automatically matched with a hard money lender or individual private lender in the residential, commercial or construction space most suitable for completing the transaction.

The financing portal breaks the number one barrier that investors face in preventing them from raising capital for their real estate transactions. This greatly increases the likelihood of loan approval, allows investors to find suitable lenders for their transactions, allows them to pre-qualify with a lender’s preliminary offer, and gives them peace of mind by making the process repeatable.

The hundreds of lenders participating in the program must meet high standards to ensure that only top lenders can participate. Investors benefit from receiving the lowest interest rates, the best repayment terms, and the highest loan value (LTV) to maximize their profits. Initial feedback from investors who used the funding portal was mostly positive.

About MyHouseDeals

Founded in 2005, MyHouseDeals is a leading online community for residential real estate investors providing online tools, on-demand training and lead generation, including access to wholesale real estate deals, motivated seller leads, and ready-to-buy mortgages. all over the country.

Vlad Vidaev
REI network, LP
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