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In December, I received a letter from the Student Loan Company (SLC) stating that I must complete my student loan repayment within the next year and that I need to change my payment plan to avoid overpayment. I called and was told that due to an error in my account, they would not see my balance, so they could not tell me how much more I needed to pay, or discuss my options. When I went to the online portal to check my balance, he said, “This service is not available for your account.”

Even though there have been calls every month since then, nothing has happened, except that SLC charges over £ 1,000 on each payroll and my balance remains a mystery. During some of these calls, I was told that Her Majesty’s Tax and Customs Service is in charge of deductions from the payroll, and that the error is on her side. HMRC says it provided all of the information requested by SLC in January and has not received any further requests. With a mortgage and a wedding this year, I could do without the SLC, perhaps indefinitely.
RC, London

You seem to have fallen prey to a common corporate trap of “improving the system.” SLC has overhauled its processes to allow for more frequent communication with HMRC and an online payment service, among others. To date, redemption notices have been communicated by HMRC to SLC annually at the end of each tax year. Customers can now find out their current balance through the online payment service.

Or is it a theory. In practice, it seems like SLC’s customer service is completely confusing. SLC states that if at the end of the tax year, HMRC’s redemption rates do not match SLC’s, the customer’s online account access will be restricted and the anomaly will be resolved. “In this case, SLC was unable to reconcile the year-end payments that we received from HMRC,” it said. “We got two files from his automated process, which were two sets of payments from two different employers. “During the investigation, it turned out that both reports were received from the same employer, but one was made by mistake. When the client asked about this issue, we could neither clearly explain it nor provide appropriate support. “

You have been told that due to errors on the HMRC side, it is not possible to view your balance. Moreover, although I was told that two duplicate reports were received from your employer, you were told that your employer was innocent. Miraculously, as soon as I stepped in, SLC was able to access your account and confirm that you still owe the £ 2022 you plan to pay in a lump sum to avoid the risk of future overpayments. HMRC told me it made no mistakes, but was unwilling to comment.

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