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Farmers and ranchers in Murray and Redwood counties are eligible for loans and other aid, according to an announcement by U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith on Wednesday.

Klobuchar and Smith said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has appointed farmers and ranchers in 18 Minnesota counties whose businesses are suffering from an intense and worsening drought this summer to be eligible for federal disaster relief. The appointment of the secretary comes less than a week after Vilsack joined two senators on a farm in Minnesota to assess the impact of the drought.

Senators said the designation of Vilsack as a natural disaster gives hard-hit producers in Minnesota’s three major counties and 15 surrounding counties eligible for urgent loans and other assistance. Major counties include Blue Land, Clay, and Cottonwood counties. The 15 contiguous counties include Becker, Martin, Otter Tail, Brown, Murray, Redwood, Faribo, Nicolet, Waseca, Jackson, Nobles, Watonwan, Le Suer, Norman, and Wilkin.

“The drought in the upper Midwest has created incredibly difficult conditions for Minnesota farmers and breeders.” Klobuchar said. “This appointment will help make life easier during this difficult time, and I will continue to push for policies and resources to meet the needs of our rural communities.”

Minnesota farmers and ranchers continue to suffer from this severe drought, Smith said. “I was delighted that the secretary joined Senator Klobuchar and me on a farm in Minnesota last week to see firsthand the magnitude of the drought damage and to hear from growers and farm leaders about the urgent need to address the drought damage to our people. state. This designation will be helpful, but I’m going to keep pushing for more action to deal with the impact of this summer’s drought statewide. ”

Earlier this month, Vilsack identified several other Minnesota counties as eligible for drought relief.

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