Much unknown about Ross’s plans for Detroit County


It is worth noting that the relationship between Ross and the Bedrock team was not the most comfortable.

In addition to the prison site, Ross and Gilbert also disagreed with the direction of the latter’s other development efforts in Detroit, including the Hudson site project and the Monroe blocks project, I was told.

Ross, who was born in Detroit and made his fortune on commercial real estate in New York, told Gilbert, who was born in Detroit and made his fortune on residential real estate (through mortgages), according to him, he was too ambitious with these projects. a source familiar with the discussions.

In addition to the decisive land-gathering predicament that Crane City Hall reporter Annalize Frank seen in this story hereOther questions remain on this Venn diagram in the Detroit billionaire monopoly.

01) “Behind the Fox Theater” is not only a vague description of the location, but if you’re trying to build an architecturally iconic building like Ross promised in previous Crain’s interviews, why would you want to write it? per Fox Theater? Don’t you want the front of the main artery – like Gratio, Woodward, or Michigan – to be visible to people without obstruction?

Access to this area by freeway is a plus, but having what Ross described as “Very iconic building” in this place doesn’t make much sense in terms of visibility.

There are also other plots of land available – think along the Detroit waterfront or in Corktown, for example – that could also meet DCI’s space needs.

In a lengthy email statement in response to a request I made this morning for a comment or interview, Olympia stated that the Detroit area “is home to some of the city’s most famous and visited sites, including the historic Fox Theater, Little Caesars Arena and the Comerica Park, which attracts millions of visitors to the area every year. “

02) How can Ross’s organization, which is accustomed to business, be able to work with the Ilics? Despite what Mayor Mike Duggan told reporters yesterday, the Ilichis have a less-than-stellar reputation in Detroit real estate circles for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because they have no experience in keeping their promises… Yes, they built Little Caesars Arena, Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch Business School, Little Caesars’ new headquarters and a new office building. But for those who certainly have nothing to sneeze at as events unfold, their sphere of influence is mainly concentrated in an area dominated by parking lots and vacant buildings, many of which have fallen into disrepair due to their ownership (a strategy sometimes called abandoned by design). In recent days, I spoke with several people who said that Ross was putting his political and financial chips in Ilyich’s basket, which could be seen as a risk.

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