Motto Mortgage Home opens in Hawaii


HONOLULU, Jul 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Motto Mortgage, an innovative mortgage broker franchise focused on transparency and compliance, has opened a new office in Hawaii, Mortgage Home motto now open in Honolulu and serves all markets throughout the heavenly state.

Created Thu NguyenMotto Mortgage Home has extensive experience in finance and provides a full range of mortgage services.

“Motto Mortgage Home offers a lucrative alternative to traditional mortgage bankers currently working in Honolulu– said Nguyen. “We provide the volume, scale and support of a major retail lender by offering the flexibility, autonomy and exceptional service of a local mortgage broker.”

Motto Mortgage Home is open for business at 729 Ekekla Ave., but health measures are currently being taken to make the mortgage as safe as possible for customers and employees. Security measures include: having the necessary masks, having hand sanitizer, encouraging digital mortgage applications, regular general office cleaning, limiting the number of people in the office at the same time. There is currently no entrance to the hotel, by appointment only until further notice. Digital mortgages are available for borrowers who prefer to run their business remotely.

Thu Nguyen will act as a broker and initiator of a mortgage loan for the office. She is a mortgage expert and takes great pleasure in helping home buyers make their home ownership dream come true.

Loan organizers on the Motto Mortgage network have access to competitive loans from a variety of wholesale lenders and work hard to provide home buyers with choices because no loan is universal. The borrower at Motto Mortgage Home can be contacted at (808) 747-6602.

Everyone Mortgage Motto the franchise is independently owned, operated and licensed.

About Motto Mortgage Home:
Motto Mortgage Home (NMLS # 1948579) is a full service local mortgage brokerage company serving all Hawaiilocated at 729 Ekela Avenue Honolulu HI 96816. To find out more, visit the Motto Mortgage office. or call 808-747-6602.
Thu Nguyen: NMLS: # 1948104

SOURCE Motto Mortgage

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