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Mortgage payments are one of the largest financial obligations a person will undertake in their life. As a result, many people will hope to cancel these payments as soon as possible in order to live free of the monetary burden. One homeowner went to Reddit to explain how they got there.

“Seeing the amount of the first accrued interest applied to my mortgage, my eyes were literally watery, but this did not stop me, and I set myself the goal of paying off the mortgage loan in 10 years.

“I stuck to my budget, continued to save regularly, and continued to work hard, which led to constant promotions and higher wages, which in turn helped to increase the savings rate and the amount held in the compensation account.”

During the first few years of the trip, the homeowner said they worked a lot of overtime to cover their expenses and save a large chunk of their salary.

Once they got promoted, they siphoned their paychecks straight into mortgage payments, leaving some for limited spending.

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Moving them towards the end result, the homeowner has almost completely abandoned the mortgage by January 2021, starting in 2009.

For those hoping to get a bearer-free status, the homeowner gave some important tips.

First, they said, it is important to be realistic about affordability and to make compromises in order to sell and then buy again when circumstances change.

Further, goal setting and consistency were seen as best practice points to consider.

Once a plan is in place, it should be reviewed and revised regularly to ensure that it is being followed.

Some people may also talk to their lender to find a new deal, the homeowner suggested.

In the UK, this may be the case, in particular, after the contract with a particular service provider expires after two or five years.

Finally, the homeowner stressed that “enjoying” the mortgage-free plan is also an important area of ​​action.

Many people are reluctant to become financially independent because they fear that they will not enjoy life.

But the person stressed that striking a balance between forward planning is key, but of course this can differ from person to person.

One person said he was following the same path and was planning to “get rid of the mortgage by 2023”.

While another somewhat challenged the idea, suggesting instead, “You would be better off leaving this mortgage and investing it in either other property or shares.

“It’s the difference between being comfortable away from home or wealthy enough to do whatever I want.”

Overpaying your mortgage is generally considered one of the best ways to speed up your goal without a mortgage.

This is because it does not create too much interest or snowball, which many people see as the main problem.

It’s worth noting, however, that many providers have a limit on how much a person can overpay on their mortgage each year.

For most, this is 10 percent of the current balance, so the British should always keep this in mind.

For a mortgage loan, people are usually advised to contact a mortgage broker.

These experts can often provide personalized advice appropriate to a person’s financial situation.

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