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Refinancing remains an important part of the mortgage news cycle, but there are other important things too. The end of summer is approaching, here’s what you need to know. (And no, cooler temperatures don’t promise a significantly cooler housing market. Unfortunately.)

1. Why are you (yes, you) are still waiting for refinancing?

Bank last poll shows that 74 percent of Americans abandoned refinancing, missing out on an opportunity to save $ 250 a month or more. As interest rates rise, opportunities for savings will diminish. Don’t miss your chance and leave your money on the table. Consider refinancing while rates remain historically low.

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2. Businesses are trying to make the housing market fairer.

The gap between black and white homeowners stubbornly persists, but companies from Wall Street giants like JPMorgan Chase to small startups have it all. working on the paths to give a boost to minority buyers. Bankrate reviewed some of the efforts being made.

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3. Technology is coming home.

Historically, complex property listings have used physical staging, bringing in fashionable furniture and generally beautiful art. Staging in real life can be prohibitively expensive, but as the photo editing capabilities get better, more home sellers find they can do it. touch windows to their property without breaking the bank.

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4. Why You Should Consider Buying a Place for Your Child Going to College

College is expensive and room and board can be significant beyond tuition. In response, more and more parents are using their children’s college years as an opportunity to gain real estate investment… Instead of giving money to the school, they buy real estate on campuses and put money that would otherwise have gone into housing and board in mortgages.

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5. Mortgage rates are falling again.

Let’s get back to where we started with another gentle reminder that now is a great time to refinance. Mortgage rates fell this weekwhich means it is a cost effective solution for more homeowners.

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