Mortgage President’s Advice to Fatigued New Buyers



“Find a great lender and a good realtor, put together a team, and in two months or even a year you will be smiling. Consumers need to feel empowered – this is a central topic for novice shoppers. There is a headwind, but it’s not as scary as they think, ”he said, adding that knowledge is key.

“There are certainly barriers in the market, such as rising house prices and questions about affordability. But while all this is quite real, it is not much different from what people faced, perhaps 20-30 years ago, when they faced interest rates of 13-14%. “

Benefits of COVID

With 43 offices and a presence in 27 states, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, has grown exponentially under Bugue’s leadership even during the pandemic.

He said that the independent mortgage lender not only weathered the COVID storm, but fully embraced the technological changes that followed, predicting that the virtual experience in the industry “must stay” and that the forced office churn due to the pandemic must stop. viewed as an opportunity for the growth of companies.

He said, “(the pandemic) has sent a signal to everyone in our industry that mortgage lending has become highly automated.


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