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As the hot home market continues to be filled with impatient buyers, a fast and reliable deal is essential in the transaction process. This has been consistent for real estate professional Shereza DaCosta throughout her two-year partnership with Rocket Mortgage.

“With Rocket Mortgage, I can get approval from people pretty quickly, and they are as flexible and approachable to me as I am to my client,” says DaCosta, agent for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers. The same thing sounded while she was at the other end of the transaction table.

Despite being a longtime partner of the company as an agent, DaCosta recently brought in Rocket Mortgage to help her close her home as a home buyer.

“I was so confident in my relationship with them that I decided to use them personally,” says DaCosta. “When you deal with clients, you are involved, but it’s a little more remote. When it’s buying your own home, it’s even more emotional. Everything is getting stronger. “

Her emotions were tempered by the patience and dedication of the loan officers who helped her close the house last June.

“My personal experience gave me even more confidence in my relationship with everyone I work with as a client or referral,” says DaCosta, adding that this experience served as another example of her making the right decision to partner with Rocket Mortgage. at the beginning of his career.

In fact, DaCosta made the decision to merge with the company around the time it entered the real estate industry in 2019 when the buyer went through pre-approval through the lender, which caught its attention.

“The process was very smooth at the time,” says DaCosta. “It was a company that I wanted to keep in my arsenal for people who came to me and hadn’t been approved yet.”

She also praises the prowess of agent manager Chavonne Lawrence, who is her primary point of contact.

DaCosta did not have a chief loan officer at the time, but says Lawrence helped her streamline the process.

“Instead of having to deal with a bunch of people, I have one thing to say – Chavonne,” says DaCosta. “I also have two loan representatives who are present when I make a loan recommendation.”

Since partnering with Rocket Mortgage, DaCosta says it has been able to expand its business thanks to the efficiency and transparency they have worked hard to instill throughout the entire transaction and approval process.

“We can close pretty quickly, which is another big plus in this market,” she says, adding that she was able to cut the transaction process to 10 days by opting to work with Rocket Mortgage.

DaCosta recently started using Rocket ProSM Insight as a way to generate leads. When she receives a referral, the portal allows her to register client information and select the loan officer she would like to use for the process. It also allows her to track the status of the home loan process for each client.

“It helps me to optimize everything,” says DaCosta.

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