Mortgage lender offers grafted borrowers a discount



With the plateau of vaccination rates against coronavirus and delta-variant infections are on the riseOne mortgage lender is investing in this problem.

Neat Capital will offer its mortgage purchase and refinance applicants a $ 500 discount on their vaccine proof loan closing fees. Unvaccinated borrowers will also be eligible for credit if they provide valid medical or religious vaccine protection.

Neat is also interested in forming or joining a coalition to promote vaccination across the industry, according to CEO Luke Johnson.

Financial services companies always moving forward slowly, ”Johnson said. “Working in a tight regulatory environment reduces the willingness to tackle important community issues, especially in a highly politicized context. Vaccinations are becoming a sensible safety requirement, and companies face real risks if their customers get sick. ”

Neat, based in Boulder, Colorado, requires its employees to be vaccinated, although they may be exempted for medical or religious reasons. All unvaccinated workers must wear a mask at all times in the office.

Currently, official vaccination policies in the residential sector differ. Remax, a real estate brokerage with independent franchises owned and operated, has well-established telecommuting options and relies on its employees to make the best decisions for themselves, ”a company spokesman said. Several states offer scholarship raffles and even lottery tickets for travel packages and cash prizes to boost vaccination rates.

“We have real conversations with our teammates about empathy and the importance of vaccinations,” Johnson said. “We have a colleague with a severe autoimmune deficiency who cannot be vaccinated – and I’m not sure any of us could live with ourselves if we caused her a serious illness because we were too selfish. to be poked. “

Neat’s approach to the vaccination status of its staff and the new $ 500 program may be just the beginning of similar requirements. On August 23, the FDA updated the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. until full approval from an emergency use authorization for persons aged 16 and over, which gives companies a reason to make this a requirement.


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