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CHICAGO (CBS) – From a year of onscreen learning to months of switching between remote and virtual, the pandemic has turned learning into chaos. Now a Chicago-based company is offering a lifeboat to teachers drowning in despair.

CBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory explains that many students return to school and some of their teachers don’t.

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Dhaval Patel is looking for teachers interested in replacing the classroom with a cubicle.

“Intellectually, let’s be real. The teachers are ballerinas, ”said Patel, senior vice president of Interfirst.

Rosemont Mortgage Company looking for 500 new loan officersand wants to fill many of these positions with former faculty members. No lending experience required – just the teacher’s supernatural ability to simplify complex tasks.

“They are leading. They deal with students. They deal with the parents. So their ability to communicate at a high or low level is very strong, ”Patel said of Interfirst’s attraction to teachers.

He also values ​​the educator’s work ethic and level of care in his communities.

Patel cautiously states that he is not trying to pull teachers out of the classroom, but offers an alternative if they are unhappy. Many are nonprofit, unbiased think tanks, according to RAND’s nationwide study of teacher sentiment.

“Our study found that about a quarter of teachers are considering leaving their jobs,” said Ashley Wu, co-author of the book. “Work-related stress threatens teacher recruitment.”

The assistant policy researcher said her data were for January and February 2021, when she and her team surveyed 1,000 teachers about working conditions. At that time, one in four educators thought about moving out of school or dropping out of school altogether by the end of the 2021 school year.

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Another RAND study published on Monday found that only about 6% of teachers are disconnected, which is in line with pre-pandemic numbers.

However, what looked like a more normal school year now seems a little risky thanks to the Delta option. Could another year of COVID accelerate churn?

“I really think many of the stressors that identified teachers will be present in this upcoming school year,” said Wu, who shared that the “hybrid model” of distance learning and classroom learning has been cited as number one by teachers. a source of stress followed by health problems.

Meanwhile, a former teacher-turned-loan officer, Allison Memmo was very pleased with her new job: she explained the lending process over and over again. Her educational skills will come in handy.

“I usually send an additional email to someone who actually has visual screenshots of tables, charts, and so on to help them make sense of the material so they can understand the information,” Memo said.

She joined Interfirst almost a year ago.

“For me, it meant I could help people and that was an important factor and it also gives really good paychecks,” she added about how she got into a loan looking for a new career.

Full Disclosure: Memo left teaching in the early 2000s, but can understand why people in education might be looking for something new in the COVID climate.

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Free lunches at least twice a week is another advantage of the profession, although you will still have to eat in the cafeteria.


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