Mortgage apple cakes – from local cuisine to nationwide shipments – reflect on the past twelve years and suggest daring plans for the future



Mortgage Apple Cakes Celebrated 12 Years

TEANEC, NJ, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mortgage Apple Cakes Founded by Single Mother Angela Logan to save his home from foreclosure, July 17 turned twelve years in business. In 2009, Angela set a goal to sell 100 cakes in 10 days – she received 900 orders as news of her decision to sell cakes from the kitchen to raise money for a mortgage went viral. Twelve years later Angela Logan has transformed Mortgage Apple Cakes from home cooking to bakery. In 2020, Angela optimized her bakery to increase the supply of cakes to customers across the country.

Logan’s tenacity story inspired the 2014 movie Apple Mortgage Cake… Movie Stars, Award Winning Actress Kimberly Eliza, as Angela Logan, and is installed immediately before and after the formation of Mortgage Apple Cakes. Since its release, the film has been broadcast on a variety of networks and platforms including UPtv, Pureflix, Amazon Prime, and Hallmark Channel. The popularity of the film continues to raise awareness of Angela’s motivational story and fuel the continued demand for her cakes.

Thanks to the screening of the film and the continuing general interest in the history of Mortgage Apple Cake, the company has achieved record sales across the country through the popular Goldbelly food delivery platform. In 2021, Mortgage Apple Cakes sold a record number of products on the platform. Goldbelly enabled Mortgage Apple Cakes to grow and expand its loyal customer base outside New York… “We provide Goldbelly customers with the same exquisite quality, attention to detail and personal touch that our local bakery customers have come to love and expect over the years.”

After twelve years of operation, Mortgage Apple Cakes is actively expanding its product base to reach the next generation of consumers by adding a vegan product line. In addition, Mortgage Apple Cakes is one of the few black-owned kosher bakeries in the country. In the summer of 2021, the Mortgage Apple Cakes brand underwent a major update. “We decided to modernize our brand image while staying true to our original high quality, all natural and freshly prepared image.” The rebranding of Mortgage Apple Cakes introduced a new logo, website, messaging, packaging and marketing strategy to meet changing consumer expectations and trends.

Looking beyond 2021, Angela Logan Mortgage Apple Cakes is slated to move into retail grocery stores with prepackaged foods such as cake mix and icing. Logan also envisions media projects that will continue to greatly expand her story – both past and future as she expands her brand into new categories. “After twelve years in business, I still feel like I’m just getting started.

Mortgage Apple Cakes was founded in 2009 by a single mother. Angela Logan… Faced with losing her Teenek, NJ home for foreclosure, Angela set a goal to sell 100 cakes in 10 days to raise money to save her home. Her story went viral, garnering national and international press, resulting in orders from across the country that far exceeded her financial goals. In 2014, a film based on Angela’s inspirational story, Apple Mortgage Cake, was made with the award-winning actress. Kimberly Eliza… Mortgage Apple Cakes operates a conventional kosher bakery in Tineca a city square serving loyal customers locally and nationally. The recipe for all products, including the original mortgage apple cake, was inspired by Angela Logan a grandmother who used only wholesome, organic and natural ingredients. Find out more about Mortgage Apple Cakes at

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