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Although there were several homes and residences in the northern area long before St Mary’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center moved to Seventh and Patterson in the early 1950s, and many buildings have been built in the area since then, there are also a surprising number of vacancies. plots of uncultivated land in the north.

Since it lies within the Persigo border, which defines the areas to be served by the city’s sewer services, it is an excellent location for backfill development. It’s also a convenient place to live, with just minutes to downtown, a shopping mall, hospitals, airport or freeway, so it’s no surprise that developers are focusing on these vacant land plots north of Patterson.

There are several divisions planned for vacant land at G Road, starting with two different divisions in the planning process for land near G Road and 12th Street. Both are in very early stages of construction, so none of them will have new homes in the near future.

The Village Center is a 43-apartment neighborhood on nearly 10 acres off 12th Street, north of the intersection with Horizon Drive and south of the Little Creek division. The project includes both single family houses and several annexed houses.

The Highlander division is an adjoining development proposed north of the Village Center all the way to G Road and the offer is for 35 single family plots. The planning of this project may take longer than typical projects due to the topography of the land, which may require additional engineering work for the infrastructure, especially the sewerage system.

About two miles west of the proposed Village Center and Highlander divisions, two other developers begin the planning process for two separate but contiguous parcels of land on the north side of G Road near 25 Road.

The City has granted Aspen Leaf Estates preliminary permission to build 18 single-family homes. The development will be on 5.28 acres between G Road and Woody Creek, the main road through Aspen Village Estates, a new area located immediately northwest of Aspen Leaf. Infrastructure construction has already begun.

A division of Liberty Ranch, 42 sites west of Aspen Leaf Estates, is currently in the planning process with the city. The proposal is for the division to be built in two archives, with 42 homes in just over 24 acres in one proposal. The city authorized the commencement of the land appraisal, but did not approve anything other than that.

Garrett Davis and Chronos Builders are also working with the city on 40 acres of land on the southeast corner of 24 1/2 and G Road. Founder’s Colony, as the division will be called, will eventually include more than a hundred single family homes, as well as several townhouses and condominiums attached to the same family. Davis hopes Chronos will get approval for its first application within next week so that it can start infrastructure, with possible construction on the home later in the fall. He suggests that it could take four to five years to create an entire unit.

In neighboring Copper Creek and Copper Creek North, the last home was contracted, but Copper Creek Builders are busy with several tenements on 24 1/2 Road, where they have begun construction on Copper Village Apartments, as well as townhouses. The first eight townhouses have been completed and sold, but the company has several homes under construction that will be available in the coming months. The two-story detached houses with 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a garage for one car cover approximately 1,200 square feet and are priced under $ 300.


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