Mike Wolfe and a former American Pickers member took out a $ 74,000 PPP loan for a store in Nashville before co-host Frank Fritz was fired.



AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his ex-wife took a PPP loan of over $ 74,000 for their iconic store in Nashville ahead of the firing of co-host Frank Fritz.

The Sun may exclusively disclose information about 57-year-old Mike and his ex-wife Jodie, who took out a PPP loan, which is a business loan emergency relief program during the coronavirus pandemic, for Antique Archeology Nashville on April 27, 2020, worth $ 74,097 … …

Mike Wolfe and his ex Jody took out a PPP loan for their Antique Archeology store in Nashville.


Mike Wolfe and his ex Jody took out a PPP loan for their Antique Archeology store in Nashville.Credit: Getty
The loan amounted to 74,097 US dollars for 10 jobs with wages.


The loan amounted to 74,097 US dollars for 10 jobs with wages.Credit: Getty

The entire loan was used to pay for 10 jobs.

Jody is a Registered Business Licensed Agent for Tennessee Antique Archeology Nashville, LLC.

Jody filed for divorce from Mike months after receiving a loan in November 2020 after 10 years of marriage.

They have a 9-year-old daughter, Charlie Faith Wolfe.

Mike now dating model Laetitia Kline, 42, from the WB dating show “Beauty and the Geek”.

Mike’s co-star Danielle Colby helps run a store in Nashville on the show.

The PPP loan was also obtained a year before his colleague Frank Fritz was fired from American Pickers.

frank, 57, last appeared American pickers during the March 2020 episode when he took a leave of absence to recover from back surgery, which left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

In free time from the show Frank lost 65 poundsas he leads a healthier lifestyle and does not consume alcohol.

He also told The Sun that he enrolled in an alcohol addiction rehab in Iowa for 77 days.

Frank said, “I’ve been in rehab and have been sober for 11 months.

“I didn’t like drinking anymore. My mom was an alcoholic, she died five years ago, and it was related to alcohol. My grandfather was an alcoholic and died. It didn’t suit me. ”

Frank said of the timing of his treatment: “They gave me a lot of information and we were booked for 13 or 14 hours a day. There was no sitting back, watching TV or eating. You were scheduled for an hour, then an hour and a half throughout the day.

“They really give you a lot of one-on-one time. While I was there, I read 12 self-development books. I didn’t give a fuck. I really got carried away with this. I went there to find out and make the most of it.

“I had a great time and helped other people who also had problems. This is one of the best things that happened to me. “

Frank continued that he goes to meetings “twice a week” after work.

He said, “I sit and listen, and if I get something from one person, that’s enough. I have a couple of sponsors and I also sponsor people. “

Frank said he would have been sober for a year if it hadn’t been for a relapse.

He added: “Maybe four hours, but that was enough. The next day I went to the meeting and immediately got back on track.

“I don’t think I’ll ever drink again because I don’t like that feeling anymore and some stupid things that I did.”

Frank added: “I feel very good. Life is beautiful and I would like to return to the rhythm of life. If I had done this five years ago, I would have been a different person.

“It was the best for me and I would like to have done it earlier, otherwise I would not be in the position I am in now.

“I would still like to go back to my work, I miss my friends and my people, traveling and meeting all these different characters.”

But Mike it turned out that Frank was fired from the show

He wrote on Instagram: “I have known Frank as long as I can remember, he was like a brother to me. The journey that Frank, Dani and I began in 2009, like all life, has brought its ups and downs. minimums, blessings and challenges, but that was also the most rewarding.

“The support you all gave us was a constant reminder of what the show’s message has always been; through these places, people and things we all have a common thread. We are here to take care not only of the past, but also of each other. “

Mike concluded by saying, “I will miss Frank like the rest of you and pray for the best and best for him in the next part of his journey.”

Danielle wrote on Instagram about Frank’s departure: “I am really saddened by the loss of Frank on the show. I am incredibly sad because of his struggle. I’ve personally watched everything over the last decade. I have many thoughts, but I will not say them as if they are only my thoughts, and not the Gospel.

“I wish things could be different, but we have to be responsible for our actions when we cause instability or pain and suffering to others. Frank hurt himself so much it was hard to watch. I sincerely hope that Frank will receive all the help he needs to recover from years of illness. “

Shooting goes among him feud with Mike

frank previously told The Sun about their drop: “I haven’t spoken to Mike for two years. He knew that my back hurt, but he didn’t call me and ask me how I was doing. That’s the way it is.

“The show is tilted 1000 percent towards him. I can’t even bend that far to show you how much.

“This is fine. It’s like you have Aerosmith and you have Steven Tyler and he is the frontman. I found my place, I’m number two, and he’s number one on the show. This is not a problem for me, maybe he has a problem. … “

Frank Fritz fired from American Pickers


Frank Fritz fired from American PickersCredit: Coleman-Rainer.
The shooting takes place amid his feud with Mike.


The shooting takes place amid his feud with Mike.
Co-star Danielle calls Frank unhealthy in response to his firing


Co-star Danielle calls Frank unhealthy in response to his firingCredit: Zachary Maxwell Sturtz / Story
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