Miguel Aziz arrives in Portsmouth ahead of the loan and several young Arsenal players leave.



Miguel Aziz has arrived in Portsmouth ahead of his lease, which will include his season at Fratton Park. football london understands.

The 18-year-old is one of the most highly regarded talents to graduate from Arsenal’s Hale End academy and impressed with a long-range shot against Watford in the preseason.

It was expected that after working on his physique and skills outside the game, he could stay in North London to try and make his way to the first team.

But due to the lack of opportunities in the Europa League this season and the number of midfield options in Kevin Betsy’s U23 squad, it has since been decided that it would be best for Aziz go on loan to the First League, where he is guaranteed the main playing time football london understands.

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The young man will now campaign on loan from Pompey, where he will be run by Danny Cowley, who coached Emil Smith Rowe during his rental in Huddersfield in 2020.

It is believed that this may have played a role in the transaction.

When asked earlier this month about Aziz’s possible move, Cowley responded that he was a fan of the 18-year-old and hoped his good relationship with Arsenal would help solidify the move if it came to him.

“He’s a boy I know, he’s a very good player,” Cowley said. HampshisreLive

“We obviously have a good relationship with Arsenal because of Ems. [Emile Smith Rowe]… “

However, at the time, Cowley denied the rumors.

“Most likely people add two and two and get five,” added the former Lincoln boss.

Mikel Arteta is a fan of Aziz after he made his Europa League debut over Dundalk last season and included him in the Premier League for a win over Sheffield United, and will keep a close eye on how the 18-year-old gets on.

The transfer window is in full swing, and Edu and Mikel Arteta’s business with Emirates is starting to pick up steam.

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However, he is not the only Arsenal academy player expected to leave before the transfer window closes.

Fellow midfielder Tim Akinola is expected to go on loan, which could open up space for highly regarded young man Charlie Patino to secure his permanent U-23 spot on Betsy’s squad.

Young right-back Ryan Alebiosu is expected to spend the season away from the Hale End, and negotiations for a loan to Sunderland are gathering momentum. football london understands.


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