Miguel Aziz and four young Arsenal players intend to rent out before the transfer expires



Miguel Aziz is about to join Portsmouth on a seasonal loan. football london understands.

The 18-year-old is one of the most highly regarded talents to graduate from Arsenal’s Hale End academy and impressed with a long-range shot against Watford in the preseason.

Azzez’s move to the first league follows in the footsteps of several other Hale End stars who were sent on loan to gain experience this season.

But which of the other academy geeks have been loaned in the coming days?

football london I learned that Gunners have sent out their credit lists to a number of UK-based clubs and it is hoped that many of them will be on loan.

We’ll take a closer look at who can get the loan before the deadline.

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Tim Akinola

Akinola is one of the players under 23 who have joined the team after leaving Huddersfield last season.

The defensive midfielder has yet to appear in the first team for Mikel Arteta’s team and is available on loan.

Ryan Alebiosu

Alebios is negotiating a loan with Sunderland and is expected to do so in the coming days.

The 19-year-old can play on the right flank and has been used as a striker in some games.

He played 18 Premier League 2 games last season and needs adult football to take it one step further.

Ben Cottrell

Cottrell made his Arsenal first-team debut in the Europa League last season as a substitute against Dundalk.

Last season, he was a regular on the U-23 team and will be working on his fitness in the coming months.

Loaned earlier this summer, the chance remains that he will stay and play a full U23 season.

The transfer window is in full swing, and Edu and Mikel Arteta’s business with Emirates is starting to pick up steam.

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Zach Swanson

Florida-based Swenson has worked at Arsenal for over a decade and can play through defense.

In August 2020, he had a short-term lease with MVV Maastricht, but was withdrawn a few months later.

It is expected to go on loan this season after being included on the loan list sent out by the Gunners to other clubs.


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