Michael Houck Real Estate Team: Caring for Customers and Community



Tyler Stevenson, Oil City

CASPER, Wyoming – Tyler Maclee is co-owner of Michael Hawke’s Real Estate Group. He is also an active real estate agent for the company. He works in a team with 12 other people who are working to build a community. As a core part of the company, he and his team sell real estate in and around Kasper with a personal touch.

Mackley devotes a lot of time to his work, but in his free time he likes to go to the lake. He is also an avid gamer who enjoys playing Call of Duty.

Maclee and his girlfriend Amber Owens are also expecting a boy in October. In May, they had an interesting gender revelation party in which two people were dressed in inflatable costumes, one in a blue shark costume and a pink unicorn, respectively. The two creatures had a boxing match until one fell. The winner was the blue shark, who identified the gender as a boy.

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In the community, McLeigh is enthusiastic about fundraising and donating. The Olivia Caldwell Foundation, a local nonprofit that helps raise funds for childhood cancer research, is one of Maclee’s biggest interests. He is also ready to help friends in need. This opinion is shared not only by him, but also by the Michael Houck Real Estate team as a whole.

They are exclusively involved in the life of the community. One of their major projects is Habitat for Humanity. The whole team shares the idea that everyone should have affordable housing. According to McLeigh, “The Michael Houck Real Estate Team is committed to taking care not only of our customers, but of our community as well.”

Michael Houck Real Estate’s team is committed to helping clients make the perfect decision when buying, selling or renting a home. They strive for excellence and are happy to help you find what works for you. Tyler Maclee is one of many smiling faces ready to help.

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