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Erin Nicole Davis

Kevin Krigger has become a familiar face in the Canadian real estate arena.

Krigger – who was named president of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) in June – is now popular in the media as the authority on all real estate matters. At the same time, he continues to thrive as a successful real estate agent in the ever-competitive Toronto market. Realtor Johnston & Daniel is no stranger to awards and honors; he has received the most prestigious Johnston & Daniel Sales Achievement Awards multiple times and has been a member of the Chairman’s Club since 2012. Additionally, Crigger has been ranked # 1 in terms of sales at Johnston & Daniel since 2019.

The move to president of TRREB was a natural fit for Krieger, who was previously elected president of the board of directors.

“I grew up with an interest in real estate and all design,” says Krigger, who was the head of a successful design and consulting practice prior to joining real estate. “I’ve always worked in the relationship industries that are integral to real estate; developing strong customer relationships and maintaining those relationships over a long period of time. ”

Krigger with his partner Ethan in South Africa

He calls this relationship the best part of the job. In fact, many clients have become friends.

“I really like people and finding solutions for people. One of the most interesting elements of the profession is the ability to influence life, ”says Krigger. “We usually come in happy times – and sometimes not very happy ones – and in fact we are here to provide advice and guidance that will significantly impact the customer long after the deal is done.”

He points to the satisfactory role of the real estate agent in his ability to play a role in increasing clients’ net worth as they move through the various phases of their lives. “It’s pretty incredible how what appears to be a real estate deal has a big impact on the dynamics of a family’s life, who can enjoy the elements of their home rather than just have a place to live,” he says.

Crigger with friends in Italy

Krigger recalls the early days of his career when he had clients who were immigrants to Canada; father and son immigrated before wife and daughter.

“They really worked hard and saved money for a modest point of entry into the market. But we started talking, and it was doubtful if we could create something that would work like a family home for the long term, ”says Krigger. “I still remember the day we proposed. We took part in the competition among many proposals. Getting this home really opened up a whole new chapter for them; it gave them consistency and a home that they could grow into over the years. “

In addition to witnessing the positive long-term impact of his real estate transactions, Krigger cites his work with industry leader TRREB – the largest growing real estate council in the world – and his “incredible team of colleagues across the GTA” as another highlight at his career. …

“I think it will be really interesting to be at the helm and move forward with some of these initiatives with new initiatives being implemented over the years,” says Krigger of his new position. “For example, a new, forward-looking MLS system. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of TRREB. ”

When asked for advice for aspiring realtors, Krigger admitted that the real estate industry is rife with false assumptions. “With the proliferation of HGTV programming, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what a business is, and I think the goal for newbies is to assess their personal goals and objectives – what you want out of it,” says Krigger.

According to Krigger, one of the main traits of this profession is the ability to create a business that reflects a person’s personality and spirit. “But I think the most important thing to look out for is that it’s not just a transaction,” Krigger stresses. “For me, real estate has always been a relationship business and every purchase and sale I make is truly customer-focused. I think that if your goal is to always do your best for the client, you really can never go wrong. This is how you can create a truly sustainable business. “

On a helicopter tour of Italy

It reminds newbies that real estate is a business 24/7, so passion is the key to surviving and thriving in the industry. “It’s really helpful, but it’s also a huge commitment from the individual,” he says. “I think if people really want to be helpful, approachable and want to hone their skills in this profession, they have endless possibilities in many ways.”

When he’s not building relationships, working to take TRREB to the next level in urban real estate, or giving interviews, Krigger is involved in a number of local art-based associations and charities. “Charity should be an important part of every person’s life; Give the money back either in dollars or in time, ”he says. During non-pandemic periods, he is also an avid collector of passport stamps and lists South Africa and Italy as some of his favorite places to visit.

“You have limited time, you can get into real estate, but given the pandemic, this is the longest time I’ve spent in the country since I was about 16,” says Krigger. “I’m definitely looking forward to coming back and seeing new parts of the world that I haven’t seen yet.”

Written by
Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis is a Toronto-born and raised writer with a passion for the city, city affairs and culture.

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