Meet Miami’s Leading Real Estate Agent Reed Haydenry



The real estate market in Miami has been quite remarkable over the past few years. Average home prices in Miami have risen 37 consecutive quarters, a streak that has lasted for more than nine years. The market has grown especially over the past year and a half, as people began migrating south in search of warmer weather, tax cuts, and an overall better quality of life. Real estate prices have risen by about 7.8% since the start of the pandemic and are projected to rise another 9.4% over the next 12 months.

“Buying real estate in Miami is like buying shares in Miami. It’s a young city with a great quality of life, says Reid Haydenry, lead real estate agent for One Sotheby’s in Miami Beach. Haydenry is from St. Louis and originally went to Miami to attend college at the University of Miami. “I fell in love with the city and never left. Miami is paradise. The weather is great, there is a great opportunity to study and here you can do whatever you want. I wanted to live in a place like I’m on vacation. “

In 2006, Haydenri started working in real estate at the age of 22. He worked hard and learned as much as possible and has always seen value in creating and maintaining relationships with people. While others may be jumping from career to career, he stayed on the path to real estate and his hard work is now paying off. 16 years later, his consistency and discipline are what he promotes.

While the real estate industry in Miami was affected by the pandemic last year, it has tended to be in the exact opposite direction compared to many other industries. The market has been booming since April 2020. People used to think of Miami as a party place, but now people take the city seriously as a place to work and play. “People may have thought about going to Miami before, but COVID really made people move out and find that the quality of life in Miami is amazing. Not only could people “try before buying,” they could also run big business, ”says Haydenri.

Haydenri is the self-proclaimed “biggest Miami fan you will ever meet”. From a treadmill at the University of Miami to now one of the top real estate agents in the city, he says it’s been an affair since he first moved south. Standard is one of his favorite places in Miami. “This is a hidden gym. It has a beautiful pool right on the bay with amazing sunsets and a nice trendy crowd. This is exactly what Miami should be: a fun, healthy and gorgeous sunset, ”says Haydenri. He also enjoys hanging out in the Socialista Lounge, located downstairs from Cipriani in Brickell, or just spending the day on the boat with friends, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. “We are the best boat destination,” he says. “You can dine at Keys or take a trip to places like Star Island or Palm Island. I just love Miami the way it is. ”

Haydenri says he works very hard from September to June, and takes his vacation during the summer months of July and August. He claims that Miami is one of the best cities in the world from September to June, but July and August are too hot and it rains quite a bit, so most people travel. This year, when travel reopens, he has several places he hopes to visit. “I really enjoy outdoor activities and nature trips, so this summer I could take a big hike in Switzerland or maybe Italy. Many of my friends will be there, ”he said. “I just want to go back to Europe and plunge into nature.”

In his daily life, Haydenri says he has to wear 100 different hats, so every day is different. On some days he has a lot of paperwork and computer tasks, while on other days he will run around shows or meet with clients. “A lot of it comes down to making contacts or having friends and clients in town,” he says. “On my ideal day, I got up early and worked through emails and paperwork before heading to the gym. Then he spent the whole day outside the house, putting on performances. “

The great thing about real estate, he says, is that it changes every day.

Haydenri says he was quite open-minded throughout the process, but some advice he could give himself as a young man is to take time to reflect and enjoy the present moment. “The goals that I had a couple of years ago, I have already achieved many of them. Everything I went through brought me to where I am now, ”he says. “Always try to get better and improve your goals.”

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