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Meet Graham with Ahart Real Estate Group



Graham, TX (KAUZ) – News Channel 6’s City Guide is a segment highlighting local businesses, events, and nonprofits in your communities. In this issue, we highlight the Ahart Real Estate Group based in Graham, Texas. They are a very unique group that values ​​teamwork, pride in their hometown and caring for the community.

Linsey Taylor is a realtor and owner of the Ahart Real Estate Group. When she moved to Graham, she said she saw what was missing in the real estate market, where there was an unusual group of real estate agents working as a team. “We are all independent agents, but we work together as a team to achieve our clients’ goals,” she said. “This is something that went very well here.”

Ruby Jernigan, one of the real estate agents, speaks of some of the values ​​they share: “It’s coming together and just serving the community (…), the desire to be just a resource for the people in the community, with all things, but mostly real estate. Certainly “.

“God, family and everything else is third,” said Jerry Mazanek, another member of their real estate team. “All our team members are like that.”

Taylor said, “Graham is a really special place.” According to her, this is a small hometown that the rest of the world has not yet learned about. “The pride in hometown is really great here, the sport is really great here, and as far as real estate is concerned, you can get some really beautiful plots of land at very reasonable prices.”

Graham has beautiful old quarters built decades ago but still in very good condition.

“This is one of the reasons I fell in love with this city,” Taylor said. “The houses here look as beautiful as they did the day they were built, which is truly amazing.”

For private viewings and more information on real estate opportunities, you can contact Linsey Taylor of Ahart Real Estate Group at (940) 399-9743.

“The rest of the world realized that Texas is the best place,” Taylor said.

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