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Mecklenburg Co.’s population is growing, real estate agent talks about how the housing market is changing



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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – New census figures show Mecklenburg County is growing in many ways.

New data shows that people aged 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 are the two main age groups moving within the Mecklenburg District.

While people move within Mecklenburg County, it is no longer the most populous county in the state – it is now Wake County.

While Mecklenburg rose 21 percent to 1.15 million, Wake rose 25 percent to 1.29 million.

Real estate agents say Charlotte’s appeal and growth over the past decade has created huge demand for housing.

“Watching population growth will always be beneficial to us in real estate, just because there is supply and demand,” said real estate agent Cody Green.

Greene says he has personally worked with people moving to Mecklenburg and the surrounding area.

He says some people are now choosing quiet suburbs to take root.

“I’ve also seen them actually move from the county to the suburbs and surrounding areas,” Green said.

New census figures show that Charlotte’s population has increased 21% over the past 10 years, and nearly 30% in Huntersville and 20% in Pineville.

The data also showed that the population of Steel Creek in southwest Charlotte has increased by nearly 90 percent.

Areas near Charlotte Premium Outlets and Rivergate Mall are undergoing active development and growth.

Green says the place has become popular.

“I have definitely seen changes in the way of life of people and in what they are partly required for. Steel Creek, in particular, has a bit of advertisements about not being too far out of town, but also not being pushed that far if you need to go and enjoy some of the amenities that Charlotte has. Green said.

If you are planning to move to Charlotte – Green says demand outstrips supply.

“We do see such a low stock of homes in the Charlotte market, where it is a seller’s market, and we don’t have at least six months of stock in our inventory,” Green said.

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