MAXEX provides liquidity for loans to non-occupants and secondary home loans



ATLANTA – () – MAXEX, the first digital mortgage exchange for buying and selling home loans through a single clearinghouse, announced today that the company continues to expand the number of liquidity options available to mortgage lenders, impacted by changes in government-funded enterprises (GSEs). ceiling for non-owner-occupied housing (NOO) loans and secondary housing loans.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently issued guidance limiting the purchase of mortgages for second homes and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investment properties to seven percent of the lender’s total. This guidance has resulted in an immediate shortage of available liquidity for lenders who rely on these government-sponsored businesses to support these types of loans, as well as the borrowers they serve. MAXEX, whose exchange connects mortgage lenders with many of the most active non-agent mortgage investors in the industry, stepped in immediately to begin meeting this need for its existing clients. The company continued to expand the availability of its offering to additional buyers for both daily flow and tape trading.

“MAXEX was designed to complement the GSE by providing liquidity in market segments where they do not operate,” said Brennan Walters, director of revenue for MAXEX. “Our exchange immediately began providing liquidity to NOOs and second homes as mortgage lenders were forced to quickly seek alternatives. We have now expanded our offerings related to these products to provide a wide range of prices from multiple investors and provide multiple trading options without volume limits. ”

MAXEX provides daily competitive prices for NOO loans and resale from several leading investors.

  • Daily trading streams: Get the best execution price from several of the leading institutional investors. Prices are constantly updated daily and all loans are sold through MAXEX as a centralized clearing house.
  • Trading on the rate feed: Get multiple competing offers from one feed. All loans are sold through MAXEX, which ensures maximum execution for each loan pool.

Visit MAXEX Online to find out more about the NOO and second home loan programs.


MAXEX is the first digital mortgage exchange to buy and sell home loans through a single clearing house. We connect bank and non-bank lenders with leading investors including Wall Street banks, real estate investment funds and insurance companies to provide faster and more efficient liquidity. MAXEX is an Atlanta-based fintech company led by mortgage experts and funded by leading private equity and capital markets investors. Find out more by visiting


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