Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Sept. 5, 2021




Anibal A. Nieves to Howard Stanton III, and Diane Boucher, 420 Main St., Unit 36, $92,233.

Bout & Mart LLC, to Charlene Weech, 194 Brookfield Lane, Unit 194, $275,000.

Brian E. Alvarez and Lisa F. Alvarez to Mark Bortolussi, 86 Witheridge St., $330,000.

Ersel Robbins Smith to June Leduc, 29 Castle Hills Road, Unit G, $250,000.

James A. Argiro to Jason Schwartz, 418 Meadow St., Unit B12, $165,000.

Katrine Saremi, Katayoun S. Bakhtiar and Katayoun Saremi to Rebecca A. Smith and Dylan T. Sudnick, 36 Brookside Drive, $340,000.

Linda-Jean DiMartino and Joseph S. DiMartino to Kathryn Geiss, Anthony Geiss, Patrick J Carley and Nancy Jo Carley, 261 North St, $350,000.

Marcus L. Kashmanian and Nancy L. Kashmanian to Diana Shveyko, 308 Leonard St., $420,500.

Michelle McNamara to Jessica Barrett and Kristen Buglione, 32 Corey Colonial Unit 32, $210,000.

Oliver Beaudoin to Kameron Tang and Kevin Tang, 30 School St., $220,000.

Sapa Truong and Jacob Myers to Jessica K. Lemus and Herbert Nunez-Ortiz, 48 North Alhambra Circle, $242,000.

Wilfred Torres to Ahmet Gunay and Canan Gunay, 132 Regency Park Drive, $125,000.

Yekaterina Vilkhovoy and Vladimir Vilkhovoy to SS Asro Holdings LLC, 144 Shoemaker Lane, $700,000.


Tin Kee Ng and Yun Mui Ng to Michael Lee, Jai Young Lee and Yong Suk Lee, 46 Justice Drive, $410,000.

Ki Yeong Lee to Michael Lee, Jai Young Lee and Yong Suk Lee, 170 East Hadley Road, $189,000.

Jeffrey Howard Schmitt and Michael Anthony Petrilli to Radixon LLC, 7 Chadwick Court, $275,000.

Lynda L. Elgers to Alexander C. Spiro and Alenna Spiro, 768 North Pleasant St., $450,000.

Christine F. Bluhn to Mark C. Luce, 161 Pondview Drive, $361,000.

Ali Sarvghad Batn Moghaddam and Narges Mahyar to Charissa Melnik, trustee, Joseph Jameson, trustee, and Melnik Jameson Family Trust, 59 Woodlot Road, $670,000.

Paul A. Tuttle Jr., to 302 Realty LLC, 296 South East St., $380,000.

Longhao Chen and Yushi Tian to Bijendra P. Malik and Sarita Malik, 5 Bedford Court, $260,000.

Marta M. Macrostie, personal representative, Shifra R. Macrostie, estate, S. Roberta Macrostie, estate, Marta M. Macrostie and Marah M. Macrostie to Alexander G. Alvarado and Johanna Racheal Alvarado, 95 Butterfield Terrace, $465,095.

US Bank NA, trustee, LSF9 Master Participation Trust and Hudson Homes Management LLC, attorney-in-fact, to Anders Carl Olson and Corinne Pilar Olson, 11 Ladyslipper Circle, $558,000.

Timothy P. Waldron, trustee, Jeffrey Waldron, trustee, Karen Waldron, trustee, and Waldron Nominee Realty Trust to Good View LLC, 112-114 North Whitney St., $508,500.

Colette M. Dugas and Donald J. Dugas to B & P LLC, 98 Fearing St., $850,000.

Amherst Medical Properties LLC, to Amherst RIK MP LLC, 31 Hall Drive, $15,360,000.


Patricia Pike Greene, Christine M. Pike, Christopher J. Pike, Frederick Paul Pike and Benjamin Norman Pike to Christopher Paine.,326 Main Street. $545,000.


Marc J. Reidy and Melanie A. Reidy to Michael E. D’Ambrosio and Shawna M. Demers, 30 Oakridge Drive, $469,000.

Xavier Cody and Julyvette Rodriguez to Vivian Roman-Hampton, 67 Shaw St., $458,000.

Elaine A. Henrichon, personal representative, and Robert J. Henrichon, estate, to Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 134 Allen Road, $78,500.

Kyle Converse and Ann Converse to Colleen Margaret Mytkowicz, 8 Depot St., $243,000.

Timothy O. Jones and Sheila L. Jones to Fabian M. Weiand and Courtney M. Weiand, 363 Stebbins St., $352,000.


Alexandra E. Budine to Jonathan D. Hanna and Justin Hewes, 396 Brattleboro Road. $325,000.


Norman A. Robitaille and Heather E. Robitaille to Nathan Edward Thies, 300 Middlefield Road, $185,000.


Antonio Mendes Francisco to DDM Property Group LLC, 164 South St., $250,000.

Corey A. Diaz, Amy L. Diaz and Amy L. Bernardo to Maylynn Colon and Jonathan C. Correa, 13 Oakridge St., $275,000.

CTL Realty LLC, to Abir Eldada, 59 Chestnut St., $405,000.

Dennis J. Pirog and Michele F. Pirog to Kyle J. Schultzki and Michelle M. Schultzki, 96 Lapa Farm Road, $385,000.

Felicia Colcombe to David Fontanez and Yaribel Fontanez, 79 Asselin St., $255,000.

Fernando Pires to Juan C. Caceres, 302 Springfield St., $330,000.

G & D Property Management LLC, to Kristal Hollimon, 58 Roosevelt Ave., $225,000.

Judith Kuilan to Iesha Kuilan and Armando Olivares, 185 Arcade St., $255,000.

Kenneth Guyott to Oussama M. Awkal, 39 Joy St., $70,000.

Linda K. McElhone and Martin McElhone to Adelaida Marie Ramos Gonzalez, 33 Greenpoint Circle, $245,000.

Marian S. Giec, Stanislaw Giec and Stanislawa Giec to Juan A. Rivera Quinones, 67 Park St., $280,000.

Marlene A. Gay and Joseph W. Gay to Atheer Albahadly, 249 Dale St., $310,000.

Melissa M. Newhouse and Melissa M. Weibel to Michael J. Curran and Sharon K. Murphy, 479 Chicopee St., $192,000.

Mert E. Basarir to Jeanne M. Breton and Tori L. Sperry, 401 Irene St., $300,000.

Michael S. Winters and Migdalia Winters to Karen Francis and Kevin L. Irons, 267 Chicopee St., Unit 3, $221,000.

Prime Living Properties LLC, to Ivan Buitrago and Paola Bellesteros, 203 East Main St., $300,000.

Scott T. Krawczyk to Jonathan E. Ryan-Guiel, 21 Whittier Place, $235,000.


Sharon Rogala and David M. Rogala to Lauren E. Carlson and Michael F. Pecoraro, 27 Potash Hill Road, $280,000.

Scott R. Smith to Jenna Leigh Evans and Georgia Metz, 141 Stage Road, $45,000.


Zachary M. P. Cross to Halie E. Theoharides, 98 Sand Gully Road. $351,400.

Caryn E. Gardner and Gregory M. Gardner to Lucas Craig Grafton and Emily Catherine Pearce, 63 Sand Gully Road, $895,000

East Longmeadow

Anthony Kolb and Erin Kolb to Edward William Kubosiak Jr., 57 Hampden Road, $360,000.

Barbara A. Clay and Jeffrey W. Clay to Bradley M. Brown and Shahodat N. Shamieva, 44 Dartmouth Lane, $613,000.

D. R. Chestnut LLC, to Arthur J. Boehm and Carolyn A. Boehm, 5 Clover Lane, Unit V-12, $528,500.

Joseph H. Williams and Melissa M. Williams to Martin J. Manning and Christine R. Manning, 22 Brookhaven Drive, $340,000.

Moor Than Enough LLC, to 507 North Main Street LLC, 507 North Main St., $258,000.

Preston Rescigno and Tracy Rescigno to Tyler D. Brassard, 118 Prospect St., $250,000.

Raffaele Ricciardi to Jill A. Gallagher and Matthew G. Jervinis, 165 North Main St., $403,000.

Ralph Capua and Rita G. Caputo-Capua to Barbara Anne Clay and Jeffrey William Clay, 72 Prospect Hills Drive, $980,000.

Stephen A. Hampton and Joyce L. Hampton to Joseph H. Williams and Melissa M. Williams, 39 Sturbridge Lane, $479,900.


Lynn Marie Korza, trustee, Lisa Marie Post, trustee, Jeffrey Post, trustee, and Dolores Joan Daigle Irrevocable Trust to Gregory Socha and Tracy Wilson, 4 Birchwood Drive, $441,000.

Susan Church, Judy Marciniak and Robert A. Church to Spencer L. Crockett and Jennifer L. Oliver, 116 Hendrick St., $311,000.

Easthampton Medical Properties LLC, to Easthampton RIK MP LLC, 238 Northampton St., $18,740,000.


Susan Odea to Patricia Z. Voss, 35 Lake Drive, $355,550.

Janette E. Culver, Janette Culver and Douglas E. Culver to Sarah B. Kinder, Hyde Hill Road, $20,000.

Janet R. Rice to Michael G. George, 43 Berkshire Trail West, and Route 9, $65,000.

Doreen M. Curry, Doreen M. Curry, personal representative, and Linda J. Poole, estate, to Daniel J. Desnoyers and Linda I Desnoyers, So. Chesterfield Road, and South Chesterfield Road, $1,150.


Ronald L. Eisnor to Muhammad Taqi Raza Husnain Mehdi and Fatima Muhammad Anwar, 17 Deerbrook Drive, $470,000.


Jason Butynski to Breanne Kydd and Kelli Kydd, 304 Plain Road, $265,000.

Kelley B. Ives to Susan M. Louisignau, trustee of, The Susan M. Louisignau Investment Trust, and William F. Louisignau, trustee of, The William F. Louisignau Investment Trust, 47 Princeton Terrace, Unit 47. Meadowview Manor Condominium. $140,000

Jannette K. Wiseman and William E. Wiseman to Stacey L. Geneczko, 26 Brookside Ave., $246,000.

Kenneth E. Purington to Lidia Pacuraru and Nicolae Pacuraru, 82 Barton Road, $282,500.


Justin T. Serpone and Angela A. McMahon to 199 Northampton Road LLC, 82 Knightly Road, $265,000.

Kevin Weinman, Elizabeth G. Weinman and Elizabeth O. Weinman to Ashish Parameswaren and Savitha Shankar, 5 Indian Pipe Drive, $757,500.


Graduate Housing Services LLC, to Jack C. Kennedy, Glendale Road, $25,000.


Jamie M. Paciorek to Ryan Cleveland, 7 Elm Court, $372,000.

Four State Commercial Developers LLC, to 123 East Coast Deliveries LLC, 174 West St., $2,007,390.

Damian Boucher, Mary Landers, John Boucher, Elizabeth Kreilis, Therese Anne Hoffman and Robert Boucher to Jeffrey Zgrodnik and Gregory Zgrodnik, Elm Street, $25,000.


Mark Pelton to Kenneth Boyd, Conor Patrick and Jack Senecal, 21 Shawnee Drive, $6,000.

Nicole E. Nartowicz to Cheryl L. Smith and Joseph A. Smith, 4 Waterfall Drive, $90,000.


Bennett Wightman Jr., and Gale M. Wightman to T. David Sears Sr., and Mary Sears, 6 Roberts Park Road, $246,000.

Davide M. Ferrari and Victoria L. Ferrari to Marissa Densmore, 51 Old County Road, $209,000.


Debra A. Dumont to Donnelle Tennyson, 60 Wedgewood Terrace, $262,000.

JahJan LLC, to Luis E, Torres Jr., 147 Westfield Road, $240,000.

James W. Rivest and Ann L. Rivest Odabashian to John A. Lachowicz, 39 Memorial Drive, $210,000.

Mark Anthony Maziarz, representative, and Angela Maziarz, estate, to Sonia Garcia Cabrerra and Luis Rivera Hernandez, 2057-2059 Northampton St., $300,000.

Namik Mamedov to Andrey Kolesichenko, trustee, and MRD 137 Sun Valley Realty Trust, trustee of, Sun Valley Road, $1,000.

Richard A. Dobrowski to Nicholas Shanny, 64 Columbus Ave., $301,000.

Robert Sadowski and Dorota Sadowski to Andrey Kolesnichenko, trustee, and MRD 137 Sun Valley Realty Trust, trustee of, Sun Valley Road, $27,000.


Roman G. Kubacki and Bonita A. R. Kubacki to Christopher S. Daningburg, 17 Pleasant St., $134,000.

Francis J. Mochak Jr., and Helena K. Mochak to Aaron J. Florek and Kristen L. Florek, 140 Norwich Lake, $502,450.

Karen J. Allen to Martha A. MaloneyHuss, 110 Pond Brook Road, $350,000.


Jesse Ryan Rivest and Sonia A. Kovaco to Vineeth S. Hemavathi and Elise Stevens, 15 Pinewood Drive, $530,000.

Maureen J. Kolonoski to Muyhieng Ear, 118 Lincoln Park, $305,000.

Patricia A. Webler, representative, and Marshall N. Wood, estate, to Karen Sylvia Chalue, 80 Morningside Drive, $375,000.

Richard H. Black, Kimberly A. Black and Kimberly H. Black to Jonathan Yong Han and Jean Ahn, 162 Magnolia Circle, $810,000.

Stephanie J. Kaplan and Colin Mahoney to Anthony Rubio and Laura Rubio, 80 Roseland Terrace, $400,000.

Stewart E. Creelman and Carol R. Creelman to Sonia Kovaco, 105 Green Meadow Drive, $385,000.

T. Kerry Teague and Karen Miller Teague to Shankara Nagarle Shivananjappa and Sneha Rajashekara, 29 Willett Drive, $464,000.


David M. Syrek to Sara Riddles, 74 Guertin Ave., $255,000.

Karen M. Fisher to Susan Gamelli, 61 Beachside Drive, $210,000.

Robert G. Smith and Lisa M. Smith to Robert W. Smith, 100 Waverly Road, $415,000.

Roberto V. Ciccarelli to Justin Slatcher, 52 Napoleon Ave., $350,000.

Sheryl Fedora to Armin Dyl and Kelly Dyl, 76 Highland Ave., $212,000.


Mary M. Powling to Steven D. Beckwith and Brian E. Frank, 104 Millers Falls Road, $155,000.

Town of Montague Selectboard to John Anctil, 25 Sixth Street, $25,000.

William J. Carignan to Tricia Carignan, 24 O St., $20,000.

Thomas R. Cain to Michael Young, 427 Turners Falls Road, $182,500.


Genevieve E. Schenna, estate, Jane Thielen, representative, and Bradford B. Moir, representative, to Norman A. Robitaille and Heather E. Robitaille, 1 Sunset Lane, $85,000.


Erin E. Suriner, Erin Suriner Pierce and Jacob Pierce to Frank Lopinsky and Linda Lopinsky, 25 Bell Road, $223,900.

New Salem

David G. Briand and Karyn Briand to JWKE Inc., 27 Lovers Lane, $530,000.


Nancy C. Chang to Jean M. Foley and Russell S. Cowart, 17 Trumbull Road, $285,000.

Joseph W. Hart Jr., and Victoria A. Hart to Ed A. Jazab and Patricia A. Duffy, 20 Longview Drive, $199,000.

Maria Elena Cepeda to Andrea Juno and Barbara Batell, 8 Hockanum Road, $290,000.

Roger W. Salloom to Teresa M. Lorenco, 35 Westwood Terrace, $280,000.

Nora Jean Kelleher to Ann Novick, 17 Clark Ave., $359,000.

Brian Burrell to Deborah M. Henson, 118 Franklin St., $661,000.

Katharine D. Langdon and Suzanne Sterling to Laurie J. Schimmelfing, trustee, and Philip R. and Mary H. Johnston Trust, 80 Damon Road, $129,900.

Sovereign Builders Inc., to Bianca Berkenwald, 214 Emerson Way, $160,000.

Elizabeth A. Frey to Duane Michael Ford, 779 Bridge Road, $362,000.

Frederick D. Kass and Jennifer L. Kass to 222-226 State Street LLC, 222-226 State St., $668,000.

Michael A. LaChapelle and Lynn M. Starr to Ben S. Ruddock, 16-18 Ferry Ave., $309,500.

William D. Mock, trustee, Alfred J. Albano Jr., trustee, and William D. Mock Irrevocable Trust to Paloma A. Brum and Pedro R. Brum, 80 Damon Road, $120,000.

Lynn M. Starr and Michael A. LaChapelle to Great Falls Properties LLC, 15-17 Ferry Ave., $313,000.

Daniel P. Shea, Kevin T. Shea, Lawrence David Shea, Kathleen M. Shea, Thomas Michael Shea and Thomas M. Shea to Elizabeth Grace Slade, 90 Beacon St., $405,000.


Gloria A. Funkhouser to Douglas Adam Barker and Lisa B. Yin, 97 Main St., $365,000.

Lynn M. Mancha, individually and as trustee of, Lynn M. Mancha Revocable Trust, to Janet M. Kelley and Steven J. Kelley, 109 Hinsdale Road, $300,000.


Quabbin Orange Realty LLC, to Power Fund Real Estate LLC, 158 Governor Dukakis Drive, $3,650,000.

Paul G. Bachelder to Diane M. Page and William S. Page Jr., 396 Mayo Road, $150,000.

Heather LeShane and Ronald Reid LeShane Jr., to Joseph H. McDaneld and Shari L. McDaneld, 272 Wheeler Ave., $210,000.

Debra Comeau and Ronald Comeau to Justin Thomas King and Gabrielle Judith Martin, 53 Burrill Ave., $280,000.

Speedwagon Investors LLC, to Brien McLaughlin, 28 Wheeler Ave., $92,000.

Richard A. Jones to Edwin Figuroa Torres, 117 Hayden St., $180,000.

Michael J. Magee and Constance Pike to Brenda Cope, 19 East Main St., $120,000.

Lawrence J. Senio and Theresa J. Senio to Andrew J. Bergmann, 105 North Main St., Unit 105B North Main Street Condominium, $85,000.

Charles D. Anderson III, to Matthew P. Grant and Destiney L. Michelin, 76 Prospect St., $155,000.


John Vangos to Elizabeth M. Wall and Yvette M. Bowman, 3018 Pleasant St., $125,000.

Jonathan M. Janosz, Allyson J. Janosz and Allyson J. Sweet to Ann Febres, 125 Mason St., $340,000.

Sharon Young, Shawn Romanski and Steven Romanski to Megan J. Nelson, 24 Edgewood St., $245,000.


Lindalee Adelt, trustee of, The Woodward Investment Trust, to April R. O’Leary and Thomas E. O’Leary, 15 Stone Hill Road, $160,000.


E. Chipman Smith and Catherine W. Smith to Adams B. Grassy and Jennifer A .Grassy, South Quarter Road, $130,000.

Laurie J. Lyman and Michael G. Lyman to Elizabeth Millay, 1172 Huntington Road, $350,000.

South Hadley

Shelley M. Reed to John Edward Gwozdzik and Lorie Ann Gwozdzik, 189 North Main St., $233,000.

Elizabeth Gosselin Kouflie to William P. O’Neill and Mary L. Richardson, 1 Rivercrest Way, $600,000.

Alice E. Stalker to Sarah Paley and Yelena Pagan, 25 Queen Circle, $252,000.

Rental Lachapelle LLC, to Debbie Aubrey, 132 Main St., and 1 Lamb St., $305,000.

Michael T. Keane, trustee, Kathleen M. Keane, trustee, and 2019 Keane Family Trust, to Jeffrey M. Isabelle and Beth E. Isabelle, 19 Hadley St., $237,000.

Paul M. Savina to David A. Ettelman and Sarah A. Ettelman, 50 East St., $285,000.


Gaetan L. Turgeon and Ginette L. Turgeon to Vitaliy Anisimov and Liliya Anisimov, Montgomery Road, $100,000.

Pellegrini Development LLC, to Scott Hilt and Michelle Maturevich, 6 Quigley Road, $687,100.


Daniel A. Raymond to Julie M. Olmos and Michael D. Mastroianni, 25 Sunnyside Road, $660,000.

David K. Kruse and Susan M. Zidek-Kruse to Usamah Nadeem, 10 Secluded Ridge, $525,786.

Revampit LLC, to Luis Moreno and Olga V. Moreno, 10 Foster Road, $331,000.


Abilio Reyes Rivera and Sonia Rodriguez-Boglio to Yaniria Diodonet Castro, 25 Reed St., $185,000.

Alex Owusu to Michael Henry, Woodrow Street, $49,900.

Alwaled Jamal, Aseel Abdulrazzaq and Khalid Ahmed to Jadelys Ramos and Kristian Cosme Guzman, 72 Washburn St., $340,000.

Angel L. Cotto, representative, Lucy Cotto, Angel L. Cotto Sr., representative, Nelia Cotto-Diaz, estate, and Neila Diaz, estate, to Linette Rivera-Nogue, 54-56 Wayne St., $266,000.

Anna Maria Famiglietti, Anna Maria Liquori and Anna Maria Cardinale Liquori to Guru Gobind Inc., 1633 Bay St., $230,000.

Awilda Lopez to Oliver Figuereo, 125-127 Nursery St., $165,000.

Barbara Jean Kane,estate, Barbara J. Kane, estate, and Stephen P. Kane, representative, to Eliezer Vega and Mariangel Burgos, 143 Slumber Lane, $250,000.

Carmen Diaz to Phantom Holdings LLC, 126-128 Lowell St., $135,000.

Christine Elias to Shaira M. Berdecia, 31-33 Geneva St., $295,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Benjamin Torres, 54 Homestead Ave., $282,000.

Coloni Brown to Isaac Santiago, 75 Rochelle St., $225,000.

Connor Curtis and Richard Curtis Jr., to Douglas M. Forde, 1146 Allen St., $220,000.

Damion L. Daley to Siam Williams Investment Group LLC, 181 Marsden St., $105,000.

David Givans to Alice Baiyee, 41 Daytona St., $280,000.

David Ha, Hang T. Tong and Valerie Tong to Ysabel Espinal, 16 Eton St., $255,000.

Diaz Properties LLC, to Jonatan Valentin and Francis Nieves, 36 Hood St., $261,000.

Diego Garay to Raul Garay, 59-61 Clayton St., $230,000.

Eliezer Vega and Mariangel Burgos to Carmen Diaz Rosa, 15 Glenham St., $230,000.

Elizabeth Battey, Elizabeth Furlano and John Battey to Jose A. Negron, 21 Lynwood Terrace, $216,000.

Errol W. Campbell to Pioneer Housing LLC, 111-113 Massachusetts Ave., $433,000.

Gemini A. Murray to Alice Ngeno, 174 Cabinet St., $370,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp., to William H. Springer and Cynthia L. Springer, 47 Felicia St., $270,000.

Jacquelyn E. Lecompte to Darcy Lambert, 127-129 Pineywoods Ave., $241,000.

Jahleea D. Tennyson to Aprell Munford, 96 Washington St., $148,217.

James A. Fitzgerald to Michael Joseph Johnson, 191-193 Almira Road, $218,000.

James Berlin and Star Duong to Roseline C. Chiuwa and Obioma Samuel Chiuwa, 190 Fort Pleasant Ave., $390,000.

James G. Skarzynski, Stanislaus J. Skarzynski Jr., and Irene F. Skarzynski to David Bennett and Jenny Hudson, 43 Patterson Ave., $230,000.

Jane Alinovi to Michael S. Anderson, 185 Porter Lake Drive, $190,000.

John F. Hoffman to John F .Hoffman and Dane D. Hoffman, 32 Bulat Drive, $100.

John R. Vooris and Darlene Vooris-Lape to JoeJoe Properties LLC, 212 Laurelton St., $141,000.

Joseph A. Cretella and Virginia Cretella to Shanique N. Charles and Shallice N. Battle, 396-398 Goodwin St., $270,000.

Juan A. Torres, Victoria Ortiz and Vicky DeJesus to Victor M. Aguirre, 37 Castle St., $254,000.

Kyle Grandmont and Amanda Schuler to Lennys Z. Rivera, 247 Dorset St., $220,000.

Lucyna Piascik to Elaiza M. Franco, 294 Holcomb Road, $215,000.

Marcia A. Lefort, representative, and Paul A. Lefort, estate, to Dhanya Real Estate Holdings LLC, 139 Odion Ave., $185,000.

Marialie Maldonado to Jose A. Cumba, 77 Jerillis Drive, $250,000.

Marisol W. Cotto to Zamarrie Williams, 29 Glen Albyn St., $215,000.

Michal Czerwinski and Damian Cieszkowski to Nordica Grant-Collins, 35 Middlesex St., $261,000.

Micheline Letendre and Luc Letendre to Bethzaida Acosta and Eduardo Acosta, 231 Drexel St., $220,000.

Nelson Perez to Lake Rentals LLC, 156-158 Santa Barbara St., $145,000.

Philip T. Pers, administrator, and Josephine E. Pers, estate, to Brital 1987 LLC, 170 Mildred Ave., $185,050.

Richard R. Smith and Jackie S. Smith to Francheska Acevedo, 51 Monticello Ave., $150,000.

Roger Castro to Xiomara Rivera Rosario, 24 Ina St., $214,000.

Santana Real Estate Inc., to Jensen De Jesus, 379 Central St., $240,000.

Santos Colon and Maria Flores to Jose L. Saez Claudio and Zuleika Colon Flores, 118 Miller St., $165,000.

Scott R. Dynak, Andrea Dynak and Andrea H. Babinski to Juan Cotto, 23 Acton St., $270,000.

Shu Cheng, Mei Oi Chan and Oi Mei Chan to Jeanelis Gonzalez, 41 Los Angeles St., $255,000.

Son V. Ninh and Hang T. Pham to Carlos I. Cedeno Negron and Jaisha K. Asencio, 28 Shawmut St., $220,000.

Svetlana Korobkov to David S. Korobkov and Diana Korobkova, 145 Manchester Terrace, $150,000.

Terry W. Lee to Deborah Lee, 140-142 Elmore Ave., $225,000.

Trung Dang and Viettrung Thi Dang to Jonathan Ortiz, 18-20 Palm St., $257,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust, trustee of, to OPM Investments LLC, 163 Bowles St., $135,000.

City Of Homes Real Estate Ventures LLC, to Paula M. Palmer and Dennis J. Palmer, 185 King St., $165,000.

William L. Sieber Jr., William Sieber , representative, and Nicki E. Sieber, estate, to Blueline Management LLC, 309 Sunrise Terrace, $164,900.

William Raleigh to Lisa Jones, 118 Carver St., $251,000.

Winifred C. Natale, estate, and Joseph Natale, representative, to Nicole M. Pantoja, 151 El Paso St., $209,000.

Yesenia Mendez to Marilyn Whyte and Peter Whyte, 95 Entrybrook Drive, $225,000.


Eric N. Huruko and Tabitha Huruko to Dean K. Latulippe and Amber J. Latulippe, 47 Old Gilbertville Road, $305,000.

Source Nine Development LLC, to Matthew James Stevens and Allison C. Stevens, 48-50 West Main St., $370,000.

Elizabeth E. Perry to Hugo Bottega DaSilva, 7 Storrs St., $79,000.

Edward G. VanZandt Jr., and Mary E. VanZandt to Nicholas L. Garceau and Caitlyn R. Garceau, 27 Sorel Road, $420,000.

Peter C. Sloat and Kimberly A. Sloat to Cory J. Marinaccio, 85 Osborne Road, $350,000.

Patrick J. Brown, estate, and Anne L. Brown, personal representative, toWilliam Zinni Jr., Hardwick Pond Road, $55,000.


Pioneer Valley Redevelopers LLC, to Kaylee Degrace, Morse Village Road, $51,000.

West Springfield

Adela E. Chipoco and Adela E. Arroyo to Ernest Rental LLC, 26 Colony Road, Unit 26, $95,000.

Brian P. St. Amand to Julianne M. St. Amand, 38 Robinson Road, $190,000.

Cynthia A. Catellier, estate, and Diane M. Cartwright, representative, to William J. Kolodziej and Doris L. Kolodziej, 681 Prospect Ave., $260,000.

Jay Pacitti to Christopher J. Bryant and Amanda A. Bryant, 412 Rogers Ave., $335,000.

Keshav Sanyasi and Pabitra Sanyasi to Damber K. Karki, 17 Garden St., $207,000.

Lal Wagley to Tulsa Bhujel, Ilyas Koc and Nurettin Bolat, 84 Hill St., $370,000.

Usamah Nadeem to Jacqueline Darcy and Patrick Darcy, 22 Crestview Drive, $305,000.

Walter Peret Jr., and Roman J. Peret to Sada Properties LLC, 508 Cold Spring Ave., Unit 4, $83,000.


Alan Dargis to Jessica Roby, 16 Cross St., $255,000.

Anthony Bourget to Cecil H. Papafio, 96 Franklin St., $220,000.

Antonio F. Basile to Brandon Tessier, 282 Montgomery Road, $135,000.

Bent Tree Development LLC, trustee, to Jeffrey Affeldt and Patricia Affeldt, 111 Union St., Unit 6, $179,900.

Bent Tree Development LLC, to Karin Carboneau, 111 Union St., Unit 3, $189,900.

Gary D. Hagar Jr., to David Smith and Amanda Tenerowicz, 19 Locust St., $275,000.

James C. Hagan and Kristin Hagan to Christopher D. Castanera and Margaret M. Parker, 40 Orchard St., $325,000.

Jeffrey T. Lis, representative, and Mary D. Lis, estate, to Matthew Marshall and Brittney Marshall, 64 Colony Drive, $320,000.

Joanne A. Mongeau to Iriana Cordero Ortiz and Pablo J. Perez, 267 Valley View Drive, $255,000.

Julia Kimball Whitney to Viktor Shalypin, 15 Ridgecrest Circle, $341,000.

Mary L. Couture, estate, and Harvey L. Couture, representative, to Carlos Pizarro Morales, 4 Edgewood St., $205,000.

William M. Hynes to Rebecca Barrett Freitag and Luke Fransico Miranda, 40 Pineridge Drive, $410,000.


Brenda L. Circosta, representative, Bonnie S. Walsh, representative, and Florence J. Williams, estate, to Matthew Ashley, 663 Tinkham Road, $330,000.

Gizenia E. Rivera, Gizenia R. Sedergren and Gizenia R. Petrie to Joshua R. Beliveau and Katherine A. Beliveau, 7 Brookmont Drive, $385,000.

Joshua R. Beliveau and Katherine A. Beliveau to Edward G. VanZandt Jr., and Mary E. VanZandt, 4 Karen Drive, $329,000.

Patricia A. Worthy to James Warren Smith and Mary Elizabeth Conlon-Smith, 643 Stony Hill Road, $120,000.

Stephen J. Koretz and Christine A. Koretz to Arthur Lam and Jessica Leung, 12 Stonegate Circle, $510,000.


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