Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties July 11, 2021




Anne Louise Woods, estate, Jamie B. Chisum, representative, and Anne L. Woods, estate, to Donna M. Trybulski and Frank C. Trybulski, 23 Castle Hill Road, Unit E, $278,500.

Asif Ali and Aisha Ali to Kelly Simon, 155 Brookfield Lane, $269,155.

Charles A. Ghedi and Susan L. Ghedi to Randall D. Estrada and Santina M. King, 7 Family Lane, $525,000.

Daniel T. Breault and Eva M. Breault to Marilou Ann Deshais, 420 Main St., #85, $149,900.

David R. Missildine and Terra I. Missildine to Lucas Dennis and Shannon Dennis, 940 Main St., $342,900.

Deborah A. Duquette to Jonathan R. Brown, 4h Maple View Lane, $276,000.

James S. Wojnarowicz and Donna M. Wojnarowicz to Kimberly Moore and Nicholas Giordano, 24 Blairs Hill Road, $472,000.

Jason A. Bassett and Barbara A. Bassett to John Campbell Stone and Allyson Witaszek, 41 Fernwood Drive, $364,000.

Joseph R. Macchi and Victoria M. Macchi to William M. Cavanaugh Jr., 118 Moore St., $315,000.

Peter E. Kocot to Charles A. Ghedi and Susan L. Ghedi, 73 Fernwood Drive, $352,500.

T. Russo Construction Corp., to Deborah A. Duquette, 4H Maple View Lane, $234,400.


Shahrzad J. Moshiri, trustee, Ali Moshiri, trustee, and Shahrzad Jamshidi Moshiri Trust to Weizhao Huang, 500 West St., $275,000.

Keith W. Langsdale and Nina Wishengrad to Britt Rusert, 43 Baker St., $471,800.

Bercume Construction LLC, to Yu Khill Shinn, Chung Hee Park Shinn and Chung Hee Shinn, 115 Concord Way, $747,000.

Isaac Chow to John Stasio, 263 Grantwood Drive, $390,000.

John P. Jackson and Margaret C. Piwonka to Achsah Dorsey Thomas and Eric Harrison Thomas, 1063 North Pleasant St., $399,000.

Alpha Tau Gamma Inc., to University of Massachusetts Building Authority, 25 Butterfield Terrace, $340,000.

Alpha Tau Gamma Inc., to University of Massachusetts Building Authority, 407 North Pleasant St., $510,000.


Ronald N. Loftus and Anne L. Loftus to W.D. Cowls inc., Dwight Station and Gulf Road, $43,160.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Edwin Walker and Lynn Walker, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $350,000.

Michael J. Walsh and Dawn Vcox Walsh to Jungfil Seo and Yunjung Seo, 29 Brenda Lane, $420,000.

Ted A. Davis and A. Heidi Davis to Timothy Ryan and Renee Fletcher, 17 North Liberty St., $540,000.

Michael P. Barron to Michael P. Barron and Sandra Barron, 23 Brandywine Drive, $100.


Eric A. Vassar to Mitarho A. Kelly and Amanda J. Murphy, 63 Gill Road. $216,000.


John A. Venne, Heather Venne and Heather Gray to Suyan Huang, 39 Gibbs Road, $777,800.

Sherry L. Kollar to John A. Venne and Jennifer Robidoux, 1297 General Knox Road, $300,000.


Adams B. Grassy, Jennifer A. Grassy and Jennifer A. Ketchum to Huijuan Chen, 140 Paige Hill Road, $450,000.

Lois J. Shelton to Tanzy Artruc and Robert H. Moser, 25 Brookfield Road, $220,000.


Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass Inc., to Joseph Mendes, 2161 Route 2, “aka” 2161 Mohawk Trail, $255,000.

Wayne D. Filan to Busara Khongchai Busayathip and Timothy J. Porter-Devriese, 129 Main St., $140,000.


Kathryn Chandler, Gregory Chandler and Paul Chandler to Joseph Entin and Sophie Bell, 26 Farmhouse Road, $367,000.

Thea Hardigg and Catharine B. Hardigg to Massachusetts Comm Conservation & Recreation, River Road, $75,000.


Alexis Cornier Perez and Emily Cornier to Henry A. Ramirez, 1080 Burnett Road, $325,000.

DGL Properties LLC, and Daniel P. Stamborski to Samantha Beaudoin, 113 Edwards St., $375,000.

Diogo Surreira, Fernanda Surreira and Victor Surreira to Debra Shippelhute, 47 Lynwood Drive, Unit 6010B, $204,000.

Eric Niedziela and Stephanie Niedziela to Dalvin Baez Santana, 43 Ellsbree St., $267,000.

Henry A. Ramirez to Glenda Liz Marrero and Edward Xavier Soler, 13 Bonner St., $294,000.

John J. Valerio and Stacey E. Elliott to Thomas E. Duffy, 95 Thaddeus St., $272,500.

Joseph D. McClain, Maghan A. McClain and Maghan A. Wright to Kelly Deronda and Shelley Ann Perreault, 24 Ross Ave., $253,000.

Kazimierz Irzyk and Zofia Irzyk to Homepro Handyman Services Inc., 176-178 Center St., $220,000.

Alliance Real Estate Solutions LLC, to Thomas Lazio and Nicole Lazio, 5 Harvey St., $350,000.

Michael J. Duffy and Renee S. Duffy to Crystal L. Murray, 46 East Street Ave., $300,000.

Michael Lopes and Martinho L. Lopes to Lukasz Plewa, 111 School St., $10,000.

Nichole Bottaro to Michael Theulen and Marjorie Theulen, 139 Woodbridge Road, Unit 6249D, $165,000.

Partyka Partners LP, Partyka GP Trust, trustee of, and Joan Partyka, trustee, to JHP Builders LLC, Marion Street, $50,000.

Partyka Partners LP, Partyka GP Trust, trustee of, and Joan Partyka, trustee, to JHP Builders LLC, Marion Street, $50,000.

Picton Capital LLC, to Armando Eugenio Jr., 534 Pendleton Ave., $285,000.

Stephen C. Ashe to Michelle Cruz and Michael Rodriguez Jr., 60 Saratoga Ave., $326,000.

U S A Veterans Affairs to Joseph Glanville, 105 Stebbins St., $200,000.

Walter Robbie Lahair Jr., Cheryl Anne Lahair and Cheryl Anne Osgood to Crucita D. Velasquez, 16 Hyde Ave., $315,000.

WestMass Area Development Corp., to Manchem LLC, East Main Street, $300,000.

William C. Ethier and Frances B. Ethier to Shandra B. Richardson, 39 Leona Ave., $250,000.


The Estate of Roger R. Osell, William R. Osell, personal representative, to Janet H. Osell, Eldridge Road, $10,550.


Paul W. Carman to Christian Wills, 113 Nash Road, $575,000.

Stephen M. Simonson, Linda N. Simonson and Linda N. Rumanoff to Kenneth J. Gazda and Guy Mitchell, Powell Road, $100.

Stephen M. Simonson, Linda N. Rumanoff and Linda N. Simonson to Community LD LLC, Powell Road, $20,250.


Filion Leasing Inc., to Hamshaw Deerfield LLC, 14 Elm St., $122,400.

Paul W. Allis, by Brickett Allis, under power of attorney, to Jessica Elizabeth Petersen, 43 Conway St., $329,000.

Daniel M. Harper and Cara M. Moser to The James Perot Living Trust, James Perot, trustee, and Melissa H. Perot, trustee, and The Melissa H. Perot Living Trust, Melissa H. Perot, trustee, and James Perot, trustee, 74 North Main St., $330,000.

East Longmeadow

Brandi Dewar, representative, and Emma M. Maloni, estate, to John M. Lavelle and Louise J. Lavelle, 214 Mountainview Road, $185,000.

Douglas Neal and Jennifer Neal to Christopher Wolf and Disha Mascarenhas, 12 Pembroke Terrace, $524,900.

Joseph S. Azevedo and Cynthia .A Azevedo to Norberto Gonzalez and Eneida Gonzalez, 191 Parker St., $342,000.


Stephen Smulligan and Linda F. Smulligan to Ellen M. Sorenson, 1 Clark Lane, $335,000.

Kathleen M. Slepchuk, personal representative, and Donald M. Marra, estate, to Alexander Kushkuley and Larissa Kushkuley, 21 Sterling Drive, $405,000.

Irene R. Martin to Lisa Jaffe and Rebekah Jaffe, 11 Emily Lane, $443,700.


The Estate of Paul M. Charest, Julie Ann Craig, personal representative, to Tristan David Martineau and Billie-Jo Rice, 49 Mountain Road, “fka” 95 Mountain Road, $197,500.


Alan D. Tufano and Lisa M. Tufano to Nathan Hill and Katelyn A. Wood, 132 West Gill Road, $300,000.


John E. Wright and Susan E. Garrett to Christiana Ulrich and Christina Sekaer, 28 Birch Road, $140,000.

Catherine Polek and Albert J. Polek, estate, to Catherine Polek and Robert Dulaski, Adams Road, $100.

James E. Brosseau to George R. Collison and Judith Collison, Aberdeen Road, $10,000.


Brian Sheehan and Michele Sheehan to Shawn P. Monte and Lauri Monte, 7 Karen Drive, $305,000.

Gregg F. Orlen and Judith K. Orlen to Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, Batchelor Street, $75,000.

Arthur H. Krulewitz and Challis B. Krulewitz to Nathan J. Reed and Bandhana Sinha, 141 Taylor St., $475,000.


Wisdom Way Self Storage LLC, to All Purpose Storage Greenfield LLC, 303 Wisdom Way, $1,825,000.

Filion Leasing Inc., to Hamshaw Greenfield LLC, 1113 and 1123 Bernardston Road, $1,660,000.

Alan S. Jackson and Colleen M. Jackson to Rayshawn Yarde, 201 Chapman St., $190,000.

Paul W. Allis, by Brickett Allis, under power of attorney, to Christopher D. Hample, 39 Grove St., $205,000.

Redfoot LLC, to Kenneth D. Mullen Jr. and Marie G. Mullen, 82 Thayer Road, $230,000

Jane M. Buchanan to Jeffrey T. Reynolds Jr., and Nichole R. Reynolds, 83 Davis St., $205,000.

Gerald A. Badore to PRB LLC, 8-10 Pond St., $160,000.

Carrie H. Dubino to Rory E. Donohoe, 103 Burnham Road, $305,000

Michele Hoyt to Nicholas Guidi, 890 Bernardston Road, $280,000.

Joel Tognarelli and Kristie Tognarelli to Roundabout Books Inc., 85 Pierce St., $199,90.

Raymond C. Harris Jr. and Amy A. Huff-Harris to Jason A. Staloff and Margaret G. Staloff, 159 Chapman St., $262,500.


Elizabeth Perkins to Brad Timm and Brad Christopher Timm, 14 Breckenridge Road, $295,000.

Malcolm W. Rowell Jr., trustee, Revocable Indenture of Trust of Malcom W. Rowell Jr., trustee, Revocable Indenture ofTrust of Malcom W. Rowell Jr., Fleur V. Barnes-Rowell and F.V. Barnes-Rowell to Molly Louisa McLoughlin, 17 Meadowbrook Drive, $420,700.


Jason S. Briand to Paul Steven Briand, 47 Pinewood Road, $46,075.

Lauren R. Cilurzo to Paul Steven Briand, 47 Pinewood Road, $46,075.


Deborah Knott and William M. Knott to Jesse Cole Weigand and Kristen Marie Weigand, Rowe Road, $55,000.


Albert R. Neumann and Cynthia M. Neumann to Laura B. Hayden, 5 Sunset Lane, $235,000.

Allan M. Coolong to Anvilreal Realty Trust, trustee of, and Qing Cao, trustee, Blodgett Road, $29,900.


Alexandra Nyary and Kristie Louise Wills to Timothy J. O’Donoghue, 25 Morgan St., $333,000.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Jeffrey Auden Crooke, 31-33 Lincoln St., $288,500.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Tenesha E. Robinson, 60-62 Gates St., $350,000.

Audrey Schubach to Jeffrey Gillis and Ana Gillis, 717 Northampton St., Unit #51, $350,000.

Barbieri Realty LLC, to North Country Production LLC, 12 Crescent St., $895,000.

Cen-Turn Associates LP and O E & F II Inc., to Holyoke Health Center Inc., Maple Street, $300,000.

HUD and U S A Housing & Urban Development to Michael T. Ryan, 224 Pine St., $165,000.

Joseph C. Bednar and Susan A. Bednar to Victor Mancini and Trina M. Mancini, 100 Cross Road, $459,000.

Michael E. Murphy to Laura A. Delmolino, 176 Lincoln St., $329,000.

Noel Diaz and Julie A. Diaz to Vallerie Serrano, 4 Elmwood Ave., $200,000.

Pamela M. Kelly and Pamela M. Ferriter to Christian Burke, 35 Fenton St., $299,500.

Sheena H. Watkins to Victoria E. Rivera, 9 Beacon Ave., $240,000.

Therese Wheatley to Kyle Sicard and Megan Sicard, Rock Valley Road, $125,000.

Thomas M. Rule III, and Heather Rule to Noel Diaz and Julie A. Diaz, 37 Knollwood Circle, $219,900.

Vinubhai Vagjibhai Patel, estate, Sushila Patel, representative, and Sushila V. Patel, representative, to Parth M. Patel, 370-390 Main St., $60,000.

Walter Mariani and Teresa Mariani to Teresa Mariani, life estate, Walter Mariani, life estate, and Andrew J. Mariani, 60 Jefferson St., $100.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, and Reperforming Loan Remic Trust Certificates Series 2002-2, trustee of, to Maple Leaf Capital Reserve LLC, 416 Southampton Road, $174,720.


Louis C. Purinton to Casey Jae Grant and Murray Erie Grant II, 50 Basket St., $137,500.


The Estate of Arija Robinson, Christopher Robinson, personal representative, and Harold Robinson, personal representative, to Olgerts Stuberovskis, trustee of, The Stuberovsksis Family Trust, 112 Shutesbury Road, $219,000.


The Estate of Roger R. Osell, William R. Osell, personal representative, to Greg Stacy, George Lamb Road, $12,000.


John P. Franz and Michelle L. Franz to Brian English, 133 Kenmore Drive, $440,000.

Leslie Picard LLC, and Linda Butler to Anthony S. Guardione, 115 Quinnehtuk Road, $525,000.

Robert E. Mezzetti and Carole A. Mezzetti to William T. McCarry, 174 Sheffield Ave., $295,000.

William P. Shube and Sarah A. Shube to David Alejandro Soto Garcia and Monica Ivette Tafoya Salazar, 233 Bel-Air Drive, $441,000.


Edwin J. Prokop, representative, Helen A. Prokop, estate, and Helen Prokop, estate, to Erica M. Alves, 80 Stivens Terrace, $273,000.

Joao A. Dias and Julia E. Dias to Roger C. St. Onge, 597 Chapin St., $420,000.

Nolpaq North Properties LLC, to R M Blerman LLC, 208-210 Hubbard St., $354,000.


John Waterman Graef and Gretchen Bauer Graef to Kristopher Lewandowski and Kelly Lewandowski, Skyline Trail, $100,000.


Carrie Gerry to Brian Douglas and Ashley Douglas, 12 Betty Jean Drive, $321,000.

Eric T. Alexopoulos, Jennifer C. Alexopoulos and Jennifer C. Alexpolous to Alison Sleeper Ames and Michael Atwell, 14 Crest Road, $326,000.

Frederick L. McDonald III, to Alex Kudla and Ewelina Kudla, 242 Wilbraham Road, $415,000.

Tee Jay Nine LLC, to Andrew Sanger and Johnee Blakey, 214 Wilbraham Road, $350,000.

Tm Properties Inc., receiver, Massachusetts Comm Attorney General and Ann L. Misiaszek to Mary Beth Holland, 8 Main St., $237,000.


Gregory M. Oles and Nancy A. Oles to Jeremy Towle, 27 N Street, $217,000.

Town of Montague by its Selectboard to River Bluff Group LL, Industrial Boulevard, “aka” 180 Industrial Boulevard, $157,500.

Erik J. Eichorn and Jennifer L. Eichorn to Kimberley G. Scammon, 226 Federal Street “fka” 240A Federal Street, Unit 7A, Stoneyside Condominiums, $185,000.

New Salem

Christopher P. Misra and Kimberly A. Misra to Yongjun Ruan, 15 West Street, $408,500.


Deanna B. Scarfe to Pauline J. Ovens, 64 Nonotuck St., $75,443.

Main St LLP, to 175 Main Street LLC, 175 Main St., $2,995,000.

Katie A. Krone to Anna Jarnryd, 142 Grove St., and Grove Avenue, $344,000.

Elizabeth A. Bolton to Lynn L. Wagman, 9 Park St., $635,000.

Syed Iqbal to HumHum LLC, 15 Locust St., $600,000.

David P. Berson, Anna S. Brunelle and Anna Simone Berson to Elizabeth C. Kamerer and Guadalupe D. Mendez, 11 Bernache St., $340,000.

J. Michael Cavanaugh to J. Michael Cavanaugh and Jenny Caroline Canick, 15 Butler Place, $100.

Susan Kohler Gray and Susan Kohler-Gray to Andrew Brown and Helena Porter-Brown, 98 Baker Hill Road, $812,500.

Jan Marie Wilcox, Bruce D. Waslick, William C. Waslick and Beth Marie Callahan to Mark W. Waslick, Jan Marie Wilcox, Bruce D. Waslick, William C. Waslick and Beth Marie Callahan, 47 Stilson Ave., $100.

Mark W. Waslick, Jan Marie Wilcox, Bruce D. Waslick, William C. Waslick and Beth Marie Callahan to Mariah R. Swanson and Ardeshir Pezeshk, 47 Stilson Ave., $436,000.

Keiter Corp Inc., to Carolyn D. Sandel, trustee, Jennifer K. Harmon, trustee, and Sandel Harmon Realty Trust, 132 Chesterfield Road, $737,476.

Lindsay Bromage to Matthew S. LeBlanc, Matt S. LeBlanc and Rosalyn D. Devincentis, 160 Acrebrook Drive, $309,900.

Bambi M. Rattner to Romac Intensive Therapy Retreat PLLC, 43 Center St., $100.


Andrea T. Dale to Susan J. Westpha, 9 Pentecost Road, $267,000.


Sovereign Von Buren Realty Group Inc., to Brenda Denney, Terry Denny and Richard H. McLaren, 85 Hayden Street, $290,000.


Jennifer A. LaFlash to Christopher A. Herbert and Rachael D. Herbert, 40 Mechanic St., $270,000.

Kevin J. Czaplicki Jr., to Tyler Coffey, 125 State St., $265,000.

Robert W. Manseau and Nancy L. Manseau to Joshua Jendrysik and Heather Mayou, 3005 Prospect St., $260,000.


Daniel Tourtellotte, personal representative, Judith Bureau, estate, and Judith O. Bureau, estate, to Jared M. Laroche, North Street, $17,750.


Brenda J. Fedora to Patrick J. Healy Jr., 175 Woodland Way, $64,000.

James M. Croke and Jodi Cabral-Croke to Martin E. Skuse III, 31 Homestead Ave., $290,000.


Coreen M. Young, “fka” Coreen M. Klepadlo, to Daniel T. Koshinsky and Erin F. Koshinsky, Smead Hill Road, $13,500.


The Ayres Hall Revocable Trust, Ayres Hall, individually and as trustee of, and The Margaret J. Gurman Revocable Trust, Margaret J. Gurman, individually and as trustee of, to Matteo Antonio Pangallo and Nettie Anne Harrington Pangallo, 138 Locks Pond Road, $444,900.

Roberto Alejandro and Carmen A. Rolon to Alissa Nolden and Michael Nolden, Montague Road, $112,000.

South Hadley

Michael B. Burnham and Allison R. Burnham to Kevin P. Whalen and Lisa A. Whalen, 2 Crystal Lane, $480,000.

Anthony G. Schiappa to Tanya A. Mailhott, 24 Bolton St., $205,000.

Diane E. Young, personal representative, and Gordon L. Kueck, estate, to NRB Property LLC, 6 Greenacre Road, $245,000.

Zofia Lysik to William V. Heyn, 195 Lathrop St., $30,000.

Barbara J. Smith, Mary Elizabeth O’Meara, Theresa Elaine Gagne, Julie A. Levreault, Julie A. Kerchner, Joseph P. Levreault, Joanne E. Levreault, Jeffrey L. Levreault, Jill L. Brown, Jill K. Brown, James P. Levreault, Jennifer M. Sabourin and John J. Levreault to South Hadley Town, 315 Amherst Road, $190,000.

Home Improvement Associates LLC, to Peter Nelson and Pamela Nelson, 12 Skyline Drive, $382,000.

Douglas C. Simpson and Linda A. Simpson to Michael N. Gagnon and Joanne C. Gagnon, 25 Chileab Road and 25 Chileab St., $385,000.

Michelle M. Florence to Kirsten D. Britton and Kelly Britton, 8 Normandy Road, $405,000.

Alberto F. Burgos and Angela M. Burgos to Matthew Jeznach and Alice Stalker, 47 Pynchon Road, $371,047.

Thomas A. Lazio and Nicole Lazio to Andrea Grace Cummings, 78 Lyman St., $260,000.

Eagle Home Buyers LLC, to Benjamin G. Glickenhaus, 161 Newton St., $354,900.


Jean Law to Jean M. Law, David L. Law, Duane F. Law and Tonia R. Law, 26 Montgomery Road, $100.

David A. Hardy Contractor LLC, to Timothy S. Rogers and Jillian A. Rogers, Fitch Farm Way, $585,000.


Chelsea B. Goforth to Benjamin E. Brazee, 52 Pineywood Road, $209,000.

Joseph L. Lovotti and Suzanne L. Lovotti to Robert Bussolari and Patricia J. Bussolari, 27 Rails End, Unit 16A, $380,000.

Judith A. Potts to Kenneth E. Eggleston, 154 Hillside Road, $465,000.

Kristin Norton, Kristin Pierce and Andrew Norton to Lisa Lemieux and Patrick Lemieux, 9 Laurel Ridge Road, $650,000.

Wendy Hicks to Annemarie Brahm, 48 Rosewood Lane, Unit E-9, $185,000.


Alex B. Trietsch to David Reyes and Hector Reyes-Mitchell, 307 Fountain St., $230,000.

All About Real Estate LLC, to Ibrahim Aljashaam, 106 Greene St., $113,000.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Claudia S. Wright, 40-42 Maynard St., $223,000.

Anthony D. Amato Jr., and Kim A. Amato to Joshua Barina and Marie G. Barina, 141 Westbrook Drive, $255,000.

Benjamin Akyereko to Pedro Juan Santana Huertas, 64 Westford Ave., $205,000.

Carol Ann Motto, James K. Motto, James Kevin Motto, Paul G. Motto and Debra Motto to James Coombs, 364 Island Pond Road, $120,000.

Crucita Velasquez to Karen Price and Mitchell Johnson, 65 Arthur St., $223,000.

Eddie O. Torres to Shaneka O’Neal, 54 Upland St., $240,000.

Efrain Morales Jr., and Damaris Morales to Lucio Maldonado, 22 Fremont St., $130,000.

Enrique J. Olivo II, to Johanna Cruz, 993 Berkshire Ave., $225,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Duong Thai, 77-79 Groveland St., $110,000.

Eric L. Adams and Alicia Adams to Jeanette M Monette and Robert E. Monette Jr., 36 Sunbrier Road, $265,000.

Fatima C. Kijak, Fatima C. Dearborn and John M. Kijak to Hassan Saleh, 84 Northway Drive, $155,000.

Frances I. Moran to Jordan L. Fielding and Natalie N. Fielding, 66 Park Edge Ave., $322,500.

Gary A. Daula to Jesse Andre Bennefield, 210-212 Middle St., $329,900.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Alexis Cornier Perez and Emily Cornier, 118 Signal Hill Circle, $480,000.

H P Rum LLC, to Oraka Bazunu Wellington, 1603 Dwight St., $295,000.

Hiba Youness to Hernan Santana, 62-64 Enfield St., $237,000.

Ingersoll Grove LLC, to Maryann Parilla and Rufino John Vasquez, 60 Ingersoll Grove, $280,000.

Jaime Duran to Round Two LLC, 228 Shawmut St., $153,000.

James B. Angell, trustee, and Najmah Gaddy to Siam Williams Investment Group LLC, 45 Yale St., $92,500.

James G. Sampson Jr., representative, and James G. Sampson Sr., estate, to Liatris Realty Trust, trustee of, and Neguac Management LLC, trustee, 107 Champlain St., $150,000.

James W. Fiore and Darlene Fiore to Jesus Lopez and Mariely Quintana Morales, 16 Sullivan St., $220,000.

James W. Fiore and Darlene Fiore to Rafael Marte, 139 Berkshire Ave., $154,000.

Jeffrey Markham, Jeffery Markham, Charlotte M. Howard, Charlette Markham Howard, Saraya M. Warren, Soroya Markham Warren, Rahim G. Markham, Alkindi Markham and Evelyn C. Markham to Property Advantage Inc., 92 Marion St., $108,500.

Jonathan E. Turner and Damaris Esther Turner to Hector Marin Mejia and Dilma Marleny Lopez Molina, 50 Wallace St., $285,000.

Jose C. Martins, Barbara L. Martins and Joseph C. Martins to Manning Capital LLC, 155-159 Goodwin St., $125,000.

Josefina Fernandez to Margarita Paulino Payano and Claudio D. Gonzalez, 91-93 Grover St., $248,900.

Joseph Trezza, representative, and Carmela Trezza, estate, to Daniel Mendoza, 54 Revere St., $220,000.

Kevin McNeish and Kristen McNeish to Kathryn Theresa Litchfield and Jeremy Frederick Litchfield, 185 Garland St., $225,000.

Khoi Dinh Vo to Jose Rafael Gonzalez, 50 Balis St., $205,000.

Kizzy Moore to TM Rentals LLC, 50-52 James St., $195,900.

Laura J. Domash to Elena M. Siniscalchi, 132 Ashbrook St., $262,000.

Le M. Brown and Willard P. Brown to Pedro Martinez, 23 West Hill Road, $253,000.

Lee J. Reyes to Jose A. Coiscou Amparo and Ramon Paulino Paulino, 13 Ruskin St., $310,000.

Louis A. Francis and Techia Francis to Eric L. Allen and Bianca R. Small, 182-184 Commonwealth Ave., $225,000.

Lourdes Pabon and Roberto Pabon to Guillermo T. Nieves Pabon, 75 College St., $220,000.

Luis A. Valle and Carmen M. Valle to Jorge A. Santiago Nieves, 452 Plainfield St., $260,000.

Maria M. Salvador, Maria Midura, Susana J. Cardaropoli, Suzan Cardaropoli and Irene Stromberg to Guillermo Luciano and Aida Luz Marquez, 1267 Worcester St., $185,500.

Mariela Lezcano to Rolando Ruiz, 328 El Paso St., $160,000.

Matthew T. Strout to Christopher L. Reid and Amanda M. Sutton, 41 Verge St., $200,000.

Maxwell Park LLC, to Roberto Cardona, 653 Carew St., $132,000.

Meg Realty LLC, to Patrick Johnson, 24 Mattoon St., $300,000.

Melissa Hamelin and Melissa L. Hamelin to Javier Fortin, 74 Temple St., Unit 1, $87,900.

Michelle S. Hughes and S. Michelle Kuehl to Mohegan Real Estate LLC, 12 Carroll St., $114,000.

Nathaniel D. Bonenfant and Veida R. Parks to Maritza Perez, 64 Yorktown Court, Unit 64, $177,500.

Nicholas W. Hutchinson and Leanne Hutchinson to Homer L. Gadson, 117 Manchester Terrace, $240,000.

Omid Djavi, Nelia R. Rivera-Djavi and Magaly Rivera to Brandii Rodriguez, 145-147 Verge St., $280,000.

Paul G. Zinn to Zhongping He, 70 Driftwood Road, $295,000.

Roberto Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez to William E. Muniz Caraballo, 1046 Liberty St., $190,000.

Sandra M. Daly to Mohamed Abdalaah Tahawy Sr., and Marwa Moustafa Aly, 1495 Parker St., $243,000.

Savanna Glasheen, Savanna Feeney, Mackenzie D. Feeney and John J. Glasheen Jr., to Carmen I. Mejias and Ramon L. Vega, 60 Wisteria St., $193,000.

Stuart A. Wright and Elaine F. Wright to Barbara Vanvalkenburg, 156 Ashbrook St., $290,000.

Veronica R. Garcia to Marco A. Dossantos and Ceree Larkin, 795 Sumner Ave., $330,000.


Christopher R. Bourque and Kristine D. Bourque to Cheryll A. Miller and Paul R. Miller, 286 North Silver Lane, $435,000.


Michelle L. Tyler LLC, to Emanuel Lugo, 9 Maple Ave., $200,000.

Cole R. Murphy to Cole R. Murphy and Jennifer S. Murphy, 197 River Road, $100.

Elizabeth A. Imbier to Keith R. Before, 8 Warebrook Drive, $160,000.

Paul W. Genereux and Kimberly A. Genereux to James O’Neill and Marcy Lyn O’Neill, 76 River Road, $335,000.

Wayne A. Singer and Barbara A. Singer to Mary Vovolakis and Henry Dembowski, 8 Lovewell St., $252,000.

John E. Carroll and Cheryl L. Carroll to Brian Curboy, 22-24 High St., $80,000.

Norman A. Sweet and Margaret Sweet to Michael Horrigan, 113 Bondsville Road, $80,000.


Eleanor M. Wetherby to David J.O’Neill, Bancroft R. Poor and Henry Woolsey Trustees of the Whetstone Wood Trust Fund, New Salem Road, $125,000.

Craig Wendell “fka” Teacup Fool Musketaquid, “fka” Craig Townsend, to Iris Evernow, 29 West Street, $147,000.

West Springfield

Abbas Tamaradze to Joseph P. Laliberte, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 56, $104,000.

Anna M. Collins and Peter K. Sacuta to Joseph C. Kelley, Morgan Road, $53,350.

Ba Tran and Jenny Ly to Jorge R. Vellon and Kaylin M. Barrett, 76 Armstrong St., $249,000.

Ba Tran and Jenny Ly to Jorge Vellon and Kaylin Barrett, 76 Armstrong St., $249,000.

Barbara A. Dombkowski and John A. Dombkowski to Brenda X. Chavez and Colin T. Guidetti, 257 Cold Spring Ave., $239,900.

Charlene M. Chalmers to Chandra Bhattarai, 805 Dewey St., $350,000.

David P. Wanczyk to Deborah Susan Rosario, 135 Grandview Ave., $250,000.

Jillian M. Coppola and Bradley David White to Joseph Macchi and Victoria Macchi, 685 Dewey St., $385,000.

Lanere Holdings LLC, to AEI Net Lease Income Fund 36 LP, 208 Ashley Ave., $4,285,000.

Marko Kolak and Dragica Kolak to Eric Griffin and Moravia Gamble-Griffin, 695 Amostown Road, $369,000.

US Bank, trustee and C-Bass Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006-CB6 to Jamie Jo Alford, 108 Great Plains Road, $197,000.

Victor Mancini and Trina M. Mancini to Heather A. Herbert and David P. Wanczyk, 829 Piper Road, $406,000.

Yin Gao and Wu R. Ke to Matthew M Cyphers and Jillian R Covey, 123 Bear Hole Rd, $325,000.


Brittany Roberts to Craig A. Daniels and Michelle R. Daniels, 555 Russell Road, Unit 23D, $155,000.

David Schenna and Sharon M. Schenna to Barbieri Realty LLC, 845 Airport Industrial Park Road, $325,000.

Dorothy I. Wzorek to Tammy Lowe-Zabik and Alexandria Zabik-Maki, 1010 East Mountain Road, $362,500.

Florence Griffin and Florence‑Birudavol to Robert Levesque, 64 Wildflower Circle, $485,000.

Jason J. Schrecke, representative, and Linda M. Thatcher, estate, to Kevin Shea, 15 Lynnwood Drive, $298,000.

Jennifer Y. Collins to Michael H. Metzger and Mary J. Metzger, 17 Laurel Ave., $275,000.

John J. Gamelli and Laurie J. Gamelli to Xi Liang Chen, 117 Tannery Road, $335,000.

Kyle M. Amberman to Jason R. Fish, 20 Malone Ave., $215,000.

Maria Hanrahan and Kevin Hanrahan to Evan T. Haas and Melissa N. Heon, 27 Dewey Ave., #9, $155,000.

Patrick K. Lemieux and Lisa A. Lemieux to Joseph McClain and Maghan McClain, 10 Scenic Road, $410,000.

Quentin W. Sizer, estate, and Brian Sizer, representative, to Joshua A. Bannish, 162 King St. Extn., $235,500.

Ricci Tomassetti and Lisa A. Delmonte to Ricci Tomassetti, 37 Saint Dennis St., $5,000.

Robert D. Dudley to Jessica L. Wilder and Renee G. Dudley, 313 Shaker Road, $250,000.

Vincent P. DiCarlo and Deborah A. DiCarlo to Parlad Gurung, 42 Radisson Lane, $558,000.

William Faircloth and Denise A. Faircloth to Roger A. Putnam III, and Sally N. Putnam, 78 Granville Road, Unit 27, $372,500.


Melissa B. Caldwell to Ellen S. Burt, 200 Chestnut Plain Road, $622,000.


Anthony Contrino and Julie Contrino to Dante Childress, 756 Glendale Road, $570,000.

Cornelius P. Vandyk and Marlene G. Vandyk to Robert W. Komorowski and Carolyn G. Garcia, 519 Ridge Road, $787,000.

Herbert C. Davison, estate and Mary Davison, conservator, to Piper Lowe Real Estate Group LLC, 393 Main St., $210,000.

Jennifer P. Almeida, Jennifer P. Jorge, Maria I. Peixoto and Christopher Almeida to Erik M. Walther and Annika Laurel Juetten, 32 Old Boston Road, $225,000.

Krista L. McDonald, Austin J. McDonald and Krista L. Ouimette to Tarra L. Germain, 420 Soule Road, $355,000.

Lance W. Trevallion and Nancy J. Trevallion to Victoria J. Owen, 2205 Boston Road Garage, #70, $259,500.

Robert G. Lucas, estate and Brian R. Lucas, representative, to Dennis P. Lopata and Elizabeth M. Lopata, 2205 Boston Road, Unit B12, $215,000.


David A. Martin and Dianne M. Martin to David A. Martin, Dianne M. Martin and Carla M. Martin, 3 Judd Lane, $100.


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