Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden and Hampshire counties June 27, 2021




Amelia E. Morin and Amelia E. Dismukes to Maxwell S. Furioni, 32 Belvidere Ave., $278,000.

Anna T. Mineo to Nelson J. Milano, 33 Maple Meadows Lane, $431,000.

Barbara A. Spear to Nigar Yurdanidze, 1710 Main St., $295,000.

Charles A. Calisti and Linda M. Langevin to Pavel Yusenko, 49 Logan Place, $430,000.

Elizabeth Jarvis to Adam G. Smith, 58 Sunset Terrace, $226,000.

Jeffrey A. Blews to Elizabeth A. Jarvis, 64 Green Acre Lane, $215,000.

John A. Catania and Kiersten E. Wine to Carolyn Calumpang and Garryldine V. Calumpang, 418 Meadow St., Unit D-9, $134,000.

Mary C. Lamson and Mary C. Bouthiller to Thomas J. Girroir and Bobbi-Jo Girroir, 692 North West St., $309,000.

Michael Marcus and Eric LaChapelle to Michelle A. Provencher, 24 Vassar Road, $320,000.


Ronald W. Keith to Maximilian Safarpour and Nancy Elaine Safarpour, 375 Potwine Lane, $495,000.

Jean A. Schwartz and John W. Coull to Thomas W. Kornack and Elizabeth L. Foley, 20 Sheerman Lane, $591,000.

Atimuktak Kumar Jain and Cheryl Elizabeth Jain to Christopher P. Misra and Kimberly A. Misra, 12 White Pine Road, $688,400.


David H. D’Amours and Amy E. D’Amours to Austin J. McDonald and Krista L. McDonald, 39 Autumn Lane, $379,000.

Robert Edward Wojtczak to David D’Amours and Amy D’Amours, 224 South St., $260,000.

Lisa E. Zepke to Michael Burke and Bernadette Burke, 159 Munsell St., $405,500.

Elise C. Wright, trustee, William J. Wright, trustee, Elise C. Wright Funding Trust, William J. Wright and Elise C. Wright to Andrew M. Rachlin and Christine L. Catania-Rachlin, 120 Mountain View Drive, $500,000.

James N. Hayward and Hayward Construction to Angelo Montemagni and Janet Montemagni, 242 Allen St., $50,000.

Charles Adam Blandford and Jamie Danielle Garner to Maria Pereira McCullah and Leonor Pereira, 227 Bay Road, $339,000.

Jose Alfredo Flores and Rebecca L. Flores to Mary-Knight B. Young, 28 Bardwell St., $627,000.

Heidi L. Bonafini to Marcia M. Martel, 38 Hickory Hill, $465,000.

Sarah M. Bean, personal representative, Patricia Jacqueline Mitchell, estate, and Patricia J. Mitchell, estate, to William Annable, 161 Federal St., $245,000.


Daniel M. Andriso and Julia E. Andriso to Luis Fernandez, Island Acres Road, $5,000.

Wilmington Trust, trustee, and MFRA Trust 2015-1, trustee of, to Mary L. Gerken-Newcomb, 70 Main St., $65,000.


Richard A. Lisowski to Jonathan Pope and Nicole A. Jaegle Pope, 34 Third St., $225,000.


David M. Brown and Diane G. Brown to Kyle A. Martindell and Matthew R. Martindell, 110 Fernwood St., $245,500.

Grandview Development Associates LLC, to Iris Rosario, 18 Sycamore Lane, $380,000.

James E. Anyon to Kirk M. James and Lisa N. Capleton, 134 Glendale St., $180,000.

Keneth M. Moreau, Kenneth M. Moreau and Sherri L. Orszulak to Sandra J. Moreau, 25 Edbert St., $100,000.

Matthew J. Gdula and Jodi A. Gdula to Corrine G. Lathrop, trustee, and Corrine G. Bresnahan Living Trust, trustee of, 10 Oakhill Circle, Unit 36, $265,000.

Petronella Helen Lee to MS Homes LLC, 115-117 Davenport St., $39,000.

Shane K. Duclos and Marcia Duclos to Carolynn M. Bird, 19 Bonner St., $325,000.

Shauna M. Lougee and Manuel J. Luna to Denise Barberet, 24 Walton St., $130,500.

Sheila A. Pronovost and Sam Lemanski to Kyle Laplante, 207 Montgomery St., $227,000.

East Longmeadow

Cheryl A. Demers, representative, and Barbara A. Schoenfeldt, estate, to Karen Ann Hibbard, 51 Donald Ave., $220,000.

Joanne Camerotta, Ronald Hirsch and Joanne Camerotta Hirsch to Augustus Zennon Rivera and Lucy Amanda Mitchell, 275 Prospect St., $420,000.

Lori Crum to Benjamin M. Keating and Morgan E. Keating, 43 Pease Road, $410,000.

Michael Kane and Favorita Realty LLC, to Kenneth Eagen and Tara Delskey-Eagen, 79 Favorite Lane, $250,000.

Michael Kane to Ernest A. Gralia III, trustee, and Ernest A Gralia III Revocable Trust, trustee of, 93 Favorite Lane, $240,000.


Carol A. Perman, trustee, and Stawarz Realty Trust to Center for Human Development Inc., 55-69 Union St., $1,400,000.

Paul D. Hurley, personal representative, and Mary C. Hurley, estate, to Christopher R. Conz and Christina P. Balch, 4 Warren Ave., $312,600.

Christopher M. Pierce, Christopher Pierce and Margaret P. Kennedy to Christopher M. Pierce, 48 Clapp St., $100.


Christine S. Sass and Jonathan R. Sass to Pine Island Lake Investments LLC, 206 South Chesterfield Road, $347,000.

Douglas W. Culver and Janette E. Culver to Shane Peabody, Hyde Hill Road, $18,000.


Edward C. Shyloski & Sons Inc., to Matthew J. Walker, School Street and Chicopee Street, $150,000.

Scott W. Wilson and Virginia S. Wilson to Virginia S. Wilson, trustee, Scott W. Wilson, trustee, and Virginia S. Wilson Living Trust, 74 Burnett St., $100.

Jeanne F. Tower to Robert F. Tower, trustee, and Jeanne F. Tower Irrevocable Trust, 375 Amherst St., $100.


Donald J. Pipczynski and Katherine M. Pipczynski to North Hadley Properties LLC, 234 River Drive, $465,000.

David Stanford Haddock II, and Klara Matouskova to Ann P. Hudson, 29 Rocky Hill Road, $649,000.


Joseph S. Bonavita and Wendy Bonavita to Joy L. Leblanc, 358 South Road, $277,500.

Nicole L. Krstyen, representatiave, Jean Ellen Carroll, estate, and Jean E. Carroll, estate, to Christina Murphy, 173 Bennett Road, $310,000.


Sarah D. Jordan to Josephine Hernandez and Anne M. Drury, 18 Pleasant View Drive, $280,000.


David A. Tansey and Katharine B. Tansey to Carol Hurley, 10 Park Lane, $100,000.

Gerald R. Bourcier and Linda S. Bourcier to Korin Watras, 5 Overlook Road, $179,000.


228 Sargeant Street LLC, to NG Estates LLC, and ET Estates LLC, 226-230 Sargeant St., $387,850.

Alfaville LLC, to Daniel C. LaBroad and Haewon Kim-LaBroad, Maple Crest Drive, Unit #20H, $140,000.

Audrey Blaisdell and Audrey Lee Blaisdell to Shae B. Blaisdell, 57 Calumet Road, $100.

Cathy H. Lay, Camillus C. Lay and Taylor A. Walker to Ian Cameron Waters and Laura Terese Varney, 46 Claremont Ave., $250,000.

Comprehensive Foot Care Inc., to Holyoke Medical Center Inc., 10 Hospital Drive, Unit 16A, $95,000.

Elizabeth M. Robertson to Evan M. Saia, 11 McLellan Drive, $229,900.

John J. Ferriter, representative, and Frederick A. Meichner, estate, to John F. Sousa, 18 McLellan Drive, $226,900.

Josue Andujar and Clarissa Fargas to Marsha Qian, 3-5 Oconnoer Ave., $142,000.

Katherine M. Kenneally, representative, Christine E. Kenneally, representative, Kenneth George Kenneally, estate, Teresa Mawdsley and Kenneth G. Kenneally, estate, to Talal Mhanna, 76 Howard St., $105,000.

London Realty LLC, to Francis M. Reyes and Juan Polanco Rivera, 131-133 Waldo St., $285,000.

Nabeela Khatak, representative, and Kimat Khatak, estate, to Holyoke Medical Center Inc., 10 Hospital Drive, Unit 16G-1, $102,000.

Riddell LLC, to Holyoke Medical Center Inc., 1P Hospital Drive, Unit 205, $135,000.

Stiebel Properties Inc., to Ryan A. Tierney, 1471 Northampton St., $335,000.

Waseem Mudasar to Waseem Mudasar and Libertad Mudasar, 3 Humeston Slope, $100.


Anzhela Savonina to Matthew F. Duggan, 322 Wolf Swamp Road, $385,000.

Brian Reid, representative, and Joy B. Reid, estate, to Hanife Yildiz, 227 Wimbleton Drive, $357,000.

Carole A. Gloth to Humberto Bocanegra Evans and Rebecca N. Bocanegra, 112 Barbara Lane, $355,000.

Janet L. Dipietro and Philip J. Dipietro to Patricia D. Smith, 107 Barrington Road, $300,000.

Joanne Freedman to Michelle Grodsky, 146 Brooks Road, $550,000.

Joshua Cooper to Colin S. Cooper and Fabienne Eliezer, 76 Duxbury Lane, $421,000.

Julian R. Ortiz and Taeko Ortiz to Ross Arthur Henke and Karla Figueroa, 5 Pinelawn Road, $235,000.

Kristin Garvey to Lydia Parzych, 165 Converse St., Unit 1, $398,000.

Louise C. Dean and Louise A. Dean to Cara Roberge and Jeremy Egbert, 976 Frank Smith Road, $397,188.

Timothy D. Connelly and James F. Connelly to Kevin J. Zabawa and Deirdre M. Zabawa, 161 Lawnwood Ave., $235,000.

Young K. Kim and Hyun K. Kim to Grace E. Kim, 35 Lawrence Drive, $525,000.


Maria L. Casimiro and Rui Palatino to Tracy L. Snow, 15 Elm St., $182,400.

Mark Vecchiarelli, Maryann Vecchiarelli and Jean Vecchiarelli to Rehab Home Buyers LLC, 95 Summer Ave., $50,000.

Mary Rarogiewicz to Nicholas D. Dusza and Jerilyn A. Dusza, 125 Munsing St., $368,000.

Paulo L. Roxo to Kaitlin M. Tronnes and Michael L. Atwood, 30 Southwood Drive, $565,000.

Wayne D. Cristina, representative, Louis A. Cristina, estate, and Louie A. Cristina, estate, to Nicole Cote, Donald Cote and Alexis Cote, 18 Orchard St., $269,900.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to John D. Holdcraft, 183 Palmer Road, $165,000.

Dale P. Benoit and Francis U. Benoit to Douglas Delisle and Anthony Patalano, Lower Hampden Road, $80,000.

Douglas Delisle and Keri Delisle to Anthony Patalano, Lower Hampden Road, $96,000.

Enrico C. Daniele to Richard A. Twining and Diane T. Twining, Hovey Road, $103,000.

Patricia A. Booker, executrix, Jean Booker, estate, and Jean M. Booker, estate, to Monson Town Conservation Commission, Hovey Road, $125,000.


Jennifer Anne Jurcsak and Nicole Tan Kirchen to Mariyana Zapryanova and Jorge Vasquez, 40 Ice Pond Drive, $561,000.

Noa Milman and Nicole Dorr to Joeli Hettler, 193 Prospect St., $420,000.

John M. Alexander, trustee, and Alexander Realty Trust to Paul G. Kelliher, trustee, Joanne F. Kelliher, trustee, and Paul & Joanne Kelliher Family Trust, Audubon Road, $125,000.

Michael A. Stamm and Patricia A. Stamm to Jesse Schreiber Lambert and Carolyn Rachel Kanter, 22 Whittier St., $720,000.

Pombridge Manor LLC, to Lillian Seo, 5 Pomeroy Terrace, $327,500.

Susan Demaria to David Lane and Zoe Caren Lane, 147 Riverside Drive, $400,000.

Susan M. Maguire and Marlene Marrocco, to Yezan S. Alayan and Kaitlin H. Alayan, 46 Avis Circle, $615,000.

Damon Lane LLC, to Green Delta Holding LLC, North King Street Off and Damon Road, $900,000.

Timothy O. Martyn and Janet L. Martyn to John T. Geryk and Julie S. Martyn, 5 Crescent St., $500,000.

Alix L. Olson and Barra L. Cohen to Clara A. McCoy, 24 Audubon Road, $419,000.

Melissa Seymour and Timothy Seymour to James J. Mahoney III, 377 Sylvester Road, $400,000.

Lawrence P. Audette, trustee, and Lawrence P. Audette Living Trust to Bridget Goggins, 68 Hatfield St., $510,000.

Nu-Way Homes Inc., to John Moran and Karen Moran, 8 Warner St., $560,000.

Gregory J. Wales Jr., to Caren Lipkin Rifkin and Steven Rifkin, 603 Spring St., $552,815.


Kevin A. Gouvin and Linda A. Gouvin to Stephanie M. Caruso, 11 Brown St., $350,000.

Russell G. Baker to RZM Productions Inc., 1701 Park St., $530,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Pervez Hai, 29 Gay St., $105,000.

William J. Waterman and Anna Marie Waterman to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Erudite Realty Trust, trustee of, 19 Cedar St., $163,000.


Gary F. Cranson to Kelvin James Mast, 71 Cedar Terrace, $161,000.

South Hadley

Emtay Inc., to Crystal Lee Roy, 135 North Main St., $310,000.

Carolanne Bright and Alison Bright to Elizabeth A. Montemagni, 45-47 High St., $195,000.

Sean Martin to Joseph Ricker, 30 Susan Ave., and Montcalm Street, $260,000.

Black Walnut Realty Trust and Ramona Balicki, trustee, to Richard Todrin and Ruth Todrin, 25 Woodbridge St., $100.

Daniel F. Muldoon and Kimberly Desorcy-Muldoon to NRB Property LLC, 16-18 Bardwell St., $300,000.

Sara Greer and Sara Harper to Alexa Drew Properties LLC, 9 Wood Ave., $239,900.

Robert S. Rodigue, personal representative, Pierrette M. Rodrigue, estate, and Pierrette M. Rodrigue to Lindsey S. Watson and Dawn M. Watson, 8 Elm St., $255,000.

Shirley M. Cournoyer to Shawn M. Cournoyer, 49 High St., $100.


Cody Baron to Lara Clarke and Mario Turrini, 73 North Lake Ave., $220,000.

Gayle A. Franklin to James Love and Doris Love, 15 Gillette Ave., $245,000.

Kellogg Bros Inc., to Kierstin Knightly, 355 N Loomis St., $201,000.

Robert Bosco and Margaret L. Bosco to Marcus Trinchini, 41 Bungalow St., $250,000.


Aimee J. Walczak, Aimee J. Varney and Robert A. Walczak to Evan Fernandes, 132-134 Carver St., $261,560.

Andrea M. Derose to Angela L. Dieni, 725 Allen St., $231,500.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Duane Griffin and Shirley Stackhouse-Griffin, 290 Gilbert Ave., $430,000.

Campagnari Construction LLC, to Shakara Alyse Brown, 74 Irvington St., $279,900.

Caroline M. Fernandez-Garcia to Joshua Alicea, 73-75 Lyons St., $277,000.

Chad Lynch and James Rocca to Anaida Ovalles, 613-615 Union St., $219,000.

Christina E. Ramirez, Christina E. Pohner and Norman Ramirez to Marisol Puente, 220 Nottingham St., $215,000.

Christopher J. Donohue, representative, Paul A. Donohue III, representative, Paula Donohue, estate, Paula K. Donohue, estate, and Rebecca D. Koeniger to Daniel Arthur Atkins and Gayle Cynthia Atkins, 21 Puritan Road, $291,000.

Claire A. Varelas to Concetta Viviano and Ciro Viviano, 78 Yorktown Drive, Unit 78, $182,000.

Craig A. Savoie and Tracy A. Savoie to Jafet D. Martinez, 46 Pheasant Drive, $324,556.

Crocker Building Co. Inc., to 15 Railroad Realty Trust, 160-162 Stafford St., $65,000.

Daniel Burgos to Eddy Robles, 1015 Worcester St., $180,000.

David W. Kratt to Darren G. Owens, 415 Abbott St., $220,000.

Eric Cassidy to Elvis Germoso and Daisy Germoso, 88-90 Melville St., $253,000.

H. P. Rum LLC, to Alfredo Lopes and Maria C. Demoraes, 23 Bog Hollow Road, $270,000.

James W. Fiore and Darlene Fiore to Lashawna M. Lewis, 54 Keith St., $234,900.

Jose R. Martinez to Aweis A. Hussein and Khadija D. Mohamud, 341 St. James Ave., $295,800.

Julie M. LaVallee to Eric Rodriguez, 126 Bulat Drive, $239,000.

Julio C. Vasquez to Jackeline D. Paneto, 140-142 Bay St., $280,000.

Kevin J. Wedemeyer and Amanda Clair Aliotta to Maria Lizardi, 3-5 Radner St., $220,000.

Kevin V. Palaia to James Cordero and Patricia Nichols-Cordero, 171 Newhouse St., $250,000.

Kimberly J. Sikes, Kimberly J. Yelle, Marian E. Ogle and Kenneth Sikes to SA Holding 2 LLC, 164 Leyfred Terrace, $57,500.

Linda Evans, representative, Linda L. Rosever, representative, Evelyn Bailey, estate, and Barbara Rasmuson, estate, to Brital 1987 LLC, 89 Firglade Ave., $128,000.

Marcin Solowinski and Monika M. Solowinski to Kelli Ann Chenaille, 433 Nassau Drive, Unit #433, $187,407.

Marcus Cardoza and Marcus Cardosa to Edwin Alvarado, 3-5 Angelo St., $243,000.

Miranda McCarthy, Miranda Ronghi and Blaine McCarthy to Zi-Lani Shiver, 200 Island Pond Road, $234,000.

Mustafa Rasheed to Mian Z. Saleem and Ayesha N. Akhtar, 11-13 Phoenix St., $250,000.

Nelson J. Milano and Robin McCarthy Milano to Rudi D. Ruiz Moreno and Rosmeri Borralez Menendez, 77 Laurence St., $315,000.

Nicole M. Doby to 327 Greenaway Trust, trustee of, and Jean E. Steinmetz, trustee, 327 Greenaway Drive, $80,076.

Opus Durum LLC, to Arcangel Gonzalez Bonilla, 415 Tiffany St., $240,000.

Patricia R. Santamaria, Leonard P. Santamaria and Leonardo P. Santamaria to William Raleigh, 43 Plumtree Road, $150,000.

R. M. Blerman LLC, to Jose E. Pena, 123 Alden St., $225,000.

Richard J. O’Connor Jr., to Anthony Avilez Jr., 43 Griffin St., $180,000.

Shirley L. Rodriguez to Mirza Medina Delgado, 85 Old Farm Road, $230,000.

Springfield City to WGBH Educational Foundation, Hampden Street, $10,000.

Sunshine Homes LLC, to Jarritt Sheel, 28 Kenwood Park, $275,000.

Thomas E. Noel and Angelyn M. Noel to Jeffrey S. Stiles, 37 Greenleaf St., $265,000.

Trifera LLC, to Keisha Binns, 30 Lester St., $185,900.

Tyrone L. Jackson Sr., to Yanjie Wang and Yuqi Zhao, 186-188 Westford Ave., $217,000.

Unique Homes Inc., to Chenevert Properties LLC, 628 Alden St., $85,000.

William Younes to Estefania Tiburcio-Cabrera, 37-39 Clantoy St., $304,000.


Deborah Pratt and Deborah Elgers to Marcos Salazar, 83 Eagle St., $35,000.

Jodie Tsekrekas, Christopher Power and George Tsekrekas to Christopher Power, 1 Anna St., $92,000.

Coffey Hill Properties LLC, to Ronald E. Ellithorpe, Coffey Hill Road, $100.

West Springfield

Anthony Bertera to Laurie J. Hannon, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 52, $127,000.

Country Club Partners LLC, to Douglas J. Martin and Melissa J. Martin, 14 St. Andrews Way, Unit 14, $350,000.

David Demers, Rhonda Demers and Rhonda Kopcho to Ganga Tamang, 44 Lewis Ave., $257,000.

James S. Krupa and Robert J. Krupa to Shibu Koruthu Varghese and Shiny Varghese, 244 Woodmont St., $255,000.

Joseph T. Alouise to Mircha Karcha and Valentina Karcha, 15-17 Moseley Ave., $152,500.

Marie C. Finnerty to Stephanie Condino, 27 Larchwood St., $250,000.

Myrna E. Osowski to Eugene Ostrovskiy, 174 Bosworth St., $240,000.

Rostislav Peshko and Galina Peshko to Mass Housing LLC, 15 Hemlock St., $330,000.

Thomas J. Alouise and Joseph T. Alouise to 3-D Home Improvement LLC, 53-55 Burford Ave., $152,500.

Thomas R. Stark and Mary Ellen Stark to Thomas J. Stark, 430 Amostown Road, $235,000.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Kristen L. Palmer, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit 5J, $299,900.

Cathy A. Bruce, Andrew D. Bruce, Kelly M. Bruce and Kelly M. Armstrong to Morgan Doyle and Karly Bruce, 1430 Russell Road, Unit 34, $70,000.

Chad W. Hedges and Katie A. Bednaz to Richard Ismael Ayala, 2 Collins St., $300,000.

Heather M. Lufkin and James Paul Tapley to Cristian Montero Saeteros, 44 Crown St., $275,000.

James L. Love and Doris L. Love to Westlee Cardenales and Rebecca Cardenales, 7 Oak St., $251,000.

Lionel Joaquin and Joyce Joaquin to William Kafanov, Bayberry Lane, $60,000.

Michael C. Cousins and Carolann P. Cousins to Jacob A. Carmody and Hannah M. Waterstram, 11 Gloria Drive, $577,000.

Ronald P. Jurczyk and Kelly M. Jurczyk to Johnathan Paul Imbriglio and Sally Imbriglio, 25 Mockingbird Lane, $440,000.

Stephen Pudles to Brian Vosburgh, 138 Main St., Unit 18, $205,000.

Thomas E. Hoffman Jr., to Ana Sirbu, 23 Russellville Road, $339,900.

William Kafanov to Artem Tverdokhlebov, Bayberry Lane, $15,000.

William Kafanov to Vitalie Bostan and Alexandra Bostan, Bayberry Lane, $85,000.


Jason J. Godin and Kelly C. Godin to Ralph J. Appleton, trustee, and Reaap Family Trust, trustee of, 28 Shirley St., $510,000.

SZF Properties LLC, to Elizabeth Mavis, 17 Hunting Lane, $440,000.

William Lee and Gwendolyn Lee to Emma Reed Collins and Markez Fernan Cotto, 1 Lance Lane, $390,000.


Josephine M. Goulet and Susan M. Goulet, power-of-attorney, to Susan M. Goulet, 31 Goshen Road, $100.

(Real estate transactions for Franklin County were unavailable this week.)


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