Martin Hyde Loans $ 30K Campaign; Verne Buchanan Raises $ 600K



Sarasota activist Martin Hyde According to his first federal finance reports, he loaned $ 30,000 for his congressional campaign. But just from the news is a current member of the House of Representatives. Verne Buchanan, Republican Longboat Key, raised nearly $ 600,000 In the second quarter of 2021, it will be clear who will have the financial edge in this GOP race.

He says this is not surprising to Hyde. He still believes in Florida 16 votersth The Congressional District was fed up with Buchanan’s moderate governance.

“It’s not a shock,” Hyde said. Particularly knowledgeable minority leader Kevin McCarthy titled fundraiser at Buchanan’s home, the fortunate neighborhood was a matter of course for the incumbent.

“It would be almost weird if someone gave me that much money,” Hyde said.

But while that may be true, given Hyde’s attempts to remove the eight-term president from his party, it is striking how little outside dollars Hyde reported. His second quarter report shows $ 3,914 – that’s from two separate sponsors besides Hyde.

This caused Buchanan’s world to reject Hyde as a hoax.

“To be clear, there is a reason Verne’s last Primary challenger lost 41,000 votes,” he said. Max Goodman, a close adviser to Buchanan. “This is because the Republicans in the area respect Verne’s seriousness and commitment to upholding the conservative values ​​that make this area the best place to live in Florida.”

Goodman directed Buchanan’s last two campaigns when he defeated the Democrats. David Shapiro as well as Margaret Good along the landslide outskirts in Oct 2018 as well as Feb 2020, respectively.

The incumbent president has not faced a serious problem from the right in a single year. However, Goodman notes that he did clash with the Republicans. James Satcher, is now the Lamante County Commissioner in 2016 and won his Primary with over 80% of the vote.

Hyde believes this year will be different. As Buchanan faced rivals backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the past two cycles, he voted for a uniform background check on arms purchases, and particularly upset the unrepentant. Donald Trump fans, in favor certifying The president Joe Bidenelectoral victory.

Hyde rejected a speech Buchanan gave at a Trump rally in Sarasota last weekend and posted a video of pauses in speech that at one point included booing sounds when Buchanan was on stage.

“To be honest, he made the best impression on Joe (Biden),” Hyde said. “He was terrible. He was confused and confused. He talked about a Green New Deal, which might make sense to me, but he voted to stay in the Paris Climate Accords. ”

Buchanan spoke up. Trump even greeted the hometown congressman during his headlining speech. Meanwhile, according to organizers, Hyde asked for a spot on the list of speakers, but was refused a microphone.

Hyde said he has yet to hold an official fundraiser. Groups of conservative activists gathered at his home to discuss the campaign.

June 26 campaign for Martin Hyde. Image courtesy of Hyde.

The challenger knows the race will cost money, but believes he can win with a $ 500,000 campaign, which is less than Buchanan’s this quarter. He also said he knows he cannot rely on protest voting alone. But he believes it will take just over 40,000 votes to win the primary.

“As for my $ 30,000, that’s how much it costs to keep the lights on,” he said. “I look forward to spending this every quarter.”

Buchanan, for his part, is not yet aware of the competition ahead of him.

“I am overwhelmed by such a strong demonstration of support at such an early stage in the campaign,” Buchanan said. “People are responding to my positive program of recovery and recovery, protection of benefits for veterans, and protection of welfare and medical care.”

Long-term candidate Jan Schneider filed as a democrat, like Benjamin Miranda-Padilla

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