Martin Coach: Results of Round 1 of the Rocket Mortgage Classic Conference 2021



Martin Trainer scored 9 of 18 greens in his first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic and finished the tournament with 2 extra greens. The coach finished his round 77th with 2 points; Davis Thompson and Brandon Hagee tied for U7; Seamus Power, Tom Lewis and Matthew Wolf share 6 points less in third; and Hank Lebioda, JJ Spawn, Satoshi Kodaira, Kevin Kisner and Jason Day tied for 6th place due to 5 under.

After driving to the right side of the fairway on the first 397 yards par-4 hole, Coach made a long throw 92 yards, attuned to the bird. This moved the Trainer 1 lower in the round.

At 167-yard fifth, Trainer’s tee shot went 168 yards to the left and his chip went 17 yards towards the green, where he threw two shots for the bogeyman. This prompted him even to round.

On a 461-yard sixth par-4, the Coach had a scarecrow after hitting the green at three and two spots, causing Coach to move 1 per round.

On the 10th par-4, the coach’s 119 yards by 1 foot set prepared himself for the birdie on the hole. This moved the Trainer to a level playing field in the round.


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