Marco Rubio Soaked For His Fancy Student Loan Plan



Marco Rubio is no stranger to tragedy and extremely wrong conclusionand the latest example of this involves an unusual way of dealing with student loan debt.

The Florida senator shared a plan to help Americans besieged by billions of dollars in student loan debt, which is essentially a temporary pause in payments if they happen to survive a terrorist attack. According to The GuardianRubio introduced the Terrorism Survivors Student Loan Deferral Act, which gives victims of terrorist attacks a “one year break” to help them “get back on their feet.”

“We must do everything in our power to help those who survived the terrorist attack to return to normal life,” Rubio said in a statement. “Giving survivors some time to regroup by deferring student loan payments is just common sense.”

The response to the offer was not as positive as Rubio would have liked. This is for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that anyone can use student loan debt forgiveness, but the potentially life-changing legislation is instead narrowly applied to a very small group of people. And the description of what a “terrorist attack” is in the bill remains extremely vague.

Another part that annoys some people is that the law, which appears to date from 2016, is a response to the shooting at the Pulse nightclub that same year, which killed 49 people and injured more than 50. Rubio has created pulse firing not as an attack on the LGBT community or a sign of a dire need for gun control in America, but as a religiously fueled fundamentalist terrorist attack. As the Guardian notes, the number of victims of terrorist attacks in America is increasing, but that pales in comparison with the 40 million who currently have student loan arrears. And supporters of firearms control on Saturday criticized the proposal, calling it a “gimmick.”

According to data compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in recent years, the number of deaths per year as a result of terrorist attacks within the United States ranges from 22 to 66 people.

“That’s good, but if Senator Rubio were really serious about safety and survivor assistance, he would support the common sense of a gun law like HR 8,” Christopher Zeller, 19, director of March for Our Lives, youth the Florida March for Our Lives. a violence prevention group, the Guardian said in a statement.

“He didn’t do it after Pulse, he didn’t do it after Parkland, and he still didn’t do it today. We can see right through this trick. “


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