Marble Announces New Features To Allow Any US Personal Insurance Holder To Shop, Compare And Get Even More Rewards For Their Insurance



NEW YORK, June 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Marble, the first digital wallet and loyalty platform for insurance, today announced new features, including allowing Marble members to seamlessly shop and compare personal insurance policies on their secure Marble account, and earn even more rewards for their insurance.

Marble’s latest features include integration with Young Alfred is the most advanced shopping platform on the market for homes, cars, renters and pets that will allow Marble to automatically fill out applications and return quotes. The integration will give Marble members the ability to seamlessly buy and compare insurance, where they can get fair rates and find the right policy for them easily – all in their Marble wallet.

“Marble is applying the same type of consumer-centric innovation to insurance that we’ve seen in fintech with a new digital wallet and reward concept that is really gaining traction,” he said. David Stacy, co-founder and co-CEO Young Alfred… “We’re excited to partner with Marble and use our APIs to help our users easily compare and buy insurance digitally.”

Marble is also introducing Marble Mondays this summer, a program that gives Marble members additional rewards and exclusive offers. Every Monday Marble members who perform certain actions on their account – from logging in and checking the renewal date; to purchase a policy at a lower cost; find out what their insurance covers – will be eligible for additional rewards, which they can repay in a variety of ways.

“Most consumers in the US, especially millennials, many of whom have made any major purchases in the past year (whether it’s a house, pet, car, or wedding ring – all should be insured), an easy, affordable and impartial way to find out how their insurance, what it covers and what they really get for their money, “said Stuart Winchester, founder and CEO of Marble. “Marble puts insurance decision making in the hands of our member policyholders. Not only do we reward policyholders, we give them the ability to manage all of their different insurance policies through a single digital wallet, but we “re also making it easier for them to find the right policy.”

Marble allows any US personal insurance holder to easily sync all of their insurance policies into one secure digital wallet. By linking their insurance, Marble members can also earn up to 5% of their insurance, regardless of their carrier or type of personal insurance. It’s free to become a member of Marble.

Marble is backed by IA Capital Group, MS&AD Ventures, Reciprocal Ventures, Fintech Ventures Fund, The Takoma Group, and HU Investments.

About marble
If you have insurance, you need marble. Founded in 2020, Marble is a one-stop digital wallet that allows members to shop, compare, research, pay and – for the first time ever – receive rewards for their insurance premiums. Join Free. Marble members are insured by the nation’s largest insurance agencies and can link their health insurance, cars, home, renters, pets, or any other type of personal insurance. Marble is proudly based in New York, New York… For more information or to create an account, go to… Follow us on Twitter @JoinMarble.


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