Manchester United update 23 Aug 2021



“Chong is a good player, a very good player, and we just have to take care of him and keep trying to improve him,” Boyer added.

“I thought he let them go several times in those first 20 minutes, he walked one, and then he walked, and he could keep going and get shots.

“This is what he did best in the second half, but he’s just a young guy learning the game. He has good talent. “

This weekend has been very intense for United’s young talent. Dylan Levitt, Andreas Pereira and James Garner providing relocations to Dundee United, Flamengo and Nottingham Forest respectively for the 2021/22 campaign.

The first of the trio made his Scottish debut, playing 90 minutes to come out on top in the Reds derby when Levitt and his team beat Rhys Divine’s St Johnston 1-0 in the Scottish Premier Division. Devine was an unused replacement for Saints.


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