Manchester United transfer news: interest in Kieran Trippier rekindled as Borussia Dortmund applied for a loan for Diogo Dalot



Borussia Dortmund has applied for a loan for Diogo Dalot of Manchester United. United are said to be considering the offer and at the same time reopening negotiations over Kieran Trippier.

United’s pursuit of Trippier had been suspended earlier due to Atletico Madrid’s claims for a £ 28m fee along with Dalot’s good preseason form. But the dialogue is reopened after the approach of Dortmund.

Milan are also interested in taking on the Portuguese defender for the second time.

Serious obstacles remain in the path of Dalot’s departure and Trippier’s annexation, although sources previously believed that neither would happen.

Despite Dortmund’s offer, the most likely outcome is that the Portugal player will remain with United for the foreseeable future.

United is asking for a € 5 million loan fee for Dalot, and there is a large valuation gap compared to Trippier. United originally thought England could be signed for £ 10m.

United would not have allowed Dalot to leave without replacement after sending Brandon Williams and Ethan Laird on loan to Norwich City and Swansea City respectively.


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