Manchester United sent loan requests from over 60 clubs this summer



Providing a deeper understanding of his role and the process behind the scenes at Aon’s training facility, Parry talked about the ongoing discussions and explained that things can change very quickly in football.

“The loan market is going to be huge this year due to finance in other clubs,” he told us.

“It will be the same, we are communicating with other clubs, and hopefully the ideal way to work is to collect all the interest from different clubs, look at them and analyze them to find the most suitable for each of them.” the needs of the player. To be honest, this does not always work, especially in the later stages, when a player may only be interested in one club, and then the choice is to simply take it or leave. But this is a really stressful time, and at the moment we have about 60 clubs that have contacted us about different players, perhaps even more than they actually are, and this is a task that we really have until the end of July.

“An additional complication this year is the many [first-team] the guys are not coming back, so the manager will take on some of the younger guys in the preseason. “


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