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Man charged with cyber harassment of neighborhood real estate agent, Lubbock murders, dies in prison



LUBBOCK, TX (KWTX) – 57-year-old Andy Castillo, charged with assaulting women real estate agents in the Waco area and threatening to rape their children, and then charged with murder and death in the deaths of two women, has died in prison.

The list of prisoners says that Castillo was “released for the dead” last Friday.

The authorities did not disclose the cause of his death.

Castillo, who was arrested on January 6, 2020 at the Lubbock home, was initially charged with incitement to commit aggravated sexual abuse against a child, but was later named in a stalking complaint of a third degree felony.

About half a dozen female agents in the Waco area received sexually explicit photographs from cell phone numbers they did not recognize, as well as photographs of their children, apparently copied from social media pages, accompanied by descriptions of what the stalker or stalkers would like to do. treat children sexually.

According to local investigators, the stalker apparently used apps to disguise the numbers from which the images and messages were sent, but in the end he made a mistake.

McLennan County investigators contacted authorities in cities across the country, including Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, and San Antonio, to determine if they had received similar reports of cyber harassment targeting female agents.

A local investigation may also be linked to similar cases in Tucson, Arizona; Anaheim, Berkeley, Irvine, San Jose and Santa Clara, California; Broward and Daytona Beach Counties, Florida; Residents of New Orleans; Reno, Nevada; Albany and Manhattan, New York; Beaufort, South Carolina; Seattle, Washington, and Washington DC

In early December 2020, Castillo was charged with the murder of two Lubbock women.

Cynthia Palacio, 21, was killed in 2003 and Linda Karbahal, 21, in 2004.

Palacio’s partially nude body was found in July 2003 on a rural road.

Karbahal’s body was found in April 2004 on a dirt road in northern Lubbock County.

DNA evidence found at the scene of the murders links their deaths, and in September 2020, investigators discovered that DNA evidence from Palacio’s body was linked to Castillo, according to the KCBD in Lubbock.

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