Malibu vineyard hits California real estate market





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A vineyard with great views has hit the real estate market in Malibu, California. for 38 million dollars

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the estate, which houses a vineyard with 10,000 vineyards, owned by the founder of Raleigh EnterprisesGeorge Rosenthal, who first put the property up for sale in 2012 for $ 59.5 million.

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The list says that the home’s vast area is home to some 600 avocado trees, ripe oak forests, and carefully selected art installations. “The estate includes an equestrian-style tasting room, gym, 2 swimming pools, a 12,000-square-foot residential complex in the main building, 3 guest houses and staff quarters.

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“Every feature of the hacienda demonstrates striking attention to detail, from exposed wooden ceiling beams to intricate wooden columns.”

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The Los Angeles Times also noted that Rosenthal’s property is just one of 19 currently trying to sell at an asking price of $ 30 million.

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